Samsung’s 240Hz 4K MiniLED 32-inch odyssey neo g8 monitor is First Ever available at $1,500


Samsung’s latest gaming monitor, of high-end – the 32-inch curved Odyssey Neo G8 is available for pre-order at $1,500 and will be delivered for purchase on June 6 according to the company’s announcement. The announcement comes after its presentation at CES in January.

Odyssey Neo G8 Odyssey Neo G8 is notable for its 120Hz refresh rate, making the Neo G8 one, but perhaps the most responsive 4K monitors available that are available. Other highlights include a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits as well as the ability to support Adaptive-Sync (which means that it can run various refresh rates using AMD and Nvidia GPUs), AMD GPUs) as well as an inclination of 1000R.

Odyssey Neo G8

Similar to its bigger sibling and last year’s ultra-wide Odyssey G9 G8 G8 is a Mini LED. It utilizes over a thousand LEDs to serve as an LED backlight for the display, and they can be turned off and turned on to improve contrast. The G8 features 1196 dimming zones local to its 32-inch curved display.

To get an insight into what you might imagine how the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 might perform take a look at the analysis of the Odyssey Neo G9 from last year. We hope that a year of improvement ensures that the next G8 will not suffer from the same issues with displaying HDR as well as 240Hz video as its predecessor. Curved displays are usually intended for ultrawide monitors as opposed to regular 16:9 displays such as that of the Neo G8, but it’s impossible to tell what it will do until we experience it ourselves.

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