Scientists inject a cancer killing virus into Humans for the First Time

Scientists inject a cancer-killing virus into Humans for the First Time

In an extraordinary advancement, scientists have administered a cancer killing virus directly to a human at the very first moment in time of medicine.

According to the information of the study, the virus is known as Vaccinia. This is the scientific title for CF33 HIS. It is an altered genetically designed cancer killing virus that is created specifically to attack cancer cells while removing healthy cells.

Vaccinia operates by entering the human body and then replicating itself. The virus is an antigen. Many antigens are responsible for activating your immune system to fight cancer cells.

Scientists inject a cancer killing virus into Humans for the First Time

The experimental virus can also train your immune system to attack certain cancerous cells. In other words, if cancer cells grow and the immune system is activated, it will target and destroy the affected cells.

Before, researchers have examined Vaxinia in animals. Tests on animals showed that the virus could trigger our immune system, causing it to eliminate cancerous cells and protect healthy cells. This is however the first time that the virus is injected into the human body.

If Vaxinia proves to be safe for humans, researchers could come up with what’s being described as a game-changer in the fight against tumors due to Vaxinia’s ability to stimulate immune cells.

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