Shahid Afridi Foundation steps forward to support Pakistan’s unsung cricket hero

Shahid Afridi steps forward to support Pakistan's unsung cricket hero

Shahid Afridi Foundation has announced the donation of 2 million rupees to the Shahid Afridi Foundation. 2 million to aid former cricket player Hameed Shirazi. The former owner of the club is suffering from serious health issues due to the economic downturn.

Hameed Shirazi was among the primary cricket players in Karachi. The cricket club he founded, Rafiq Shirazi Club has helped hundreds of cricketers. However, the club is now by itself, with declining health and a low financial situation. The former player is diabetic and has lost his leg due to it.

Despite his declining health and financial troubles and financial issues, nobody who was around him offered assistance. However, as the story became all over the internet, Shahid Afridi has offered support to Hameed Shirazi. To recognize his contributions to the sport of cricket, the Shahid Afridi Foundation will give Hameed Shirazi a sum of Rs. 2 million.

When he announced the decision of the Shahid Afridi Foundation, Shahid Afridi wrote, “Honoring the unsung heroes, Shahid Afridi has announced 2 million rupees to honor Hameed Shirazi’s services towards the development of cricket in Karachi. 

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