Snap did not produce sufficient Pixy drones, but Snap won’t reveal how many of them it made.

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The first customers are in the process of waiting for drones

Snap’s latest flying camera, called the $230 Pixy drone was on sale this week, but the first buyers were told that they’d need wait three months before they could actually purchase the gadget. Now, we’re thinking Snap didn’t sell enough units, as Snap is now extending the shipping period of the Pixy to four full month, as per the drone’s official website.

Snap did not produce sufficient Pixy drones, but Snap won't reveal how many of them it made.

Does this mean that the Pixy is doing well? There’s a possibility, however, it’s more likely Snap did not make as many in the first place. The company has in the past Snap was able to lose nearly 40 million dollars because it produced more than it needed of its Spectacles. Snap Chief Executive Evan Spiegel suggested to The Verge prior to the launch of Pixy that Snap did not realize how many Pixys they needed and created far too small this time. “Honestly when we look back it’s likely that we should have produced many more of them,” Spiegel told us.

So, those who bought the Pixy drone will need to wait. Even the first buyers who purchased the Pixy the first day won’t have access to their drone for several months, Snap spokesperson Chloe Keusder confirmed via email.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to potential buyers as Snap’s website had an 11-12 week time frame for shipping on the day of its launch, on April 28th. However, if you buy one now, you’ll be waiting for a period of between 15 and 16 weeks. Snap however, doesn’t wait for orders to arrive prior to making every drone; the Pixy isn’t custom-built, Keusder tells The Verge. Therefore, there’s at minimum some small inventory somewhere and it takes several months to get to your doorstep.

How tiny? Snap refused to reveal how many drones they made. We can’t even begin to speculate on how the Pixy could be.

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