Spotify will turn off Stations on May 16th,

Spotify will turn off Stations on May 16th,Spotify will turn off Stations on May 16th,

Spotify will turn off Stations on May 16th, following news that its radio-like listening app is being unwound by a new boss.

As you can see, Stations feature a lot of advertising and allow you to listen to all sorts of music without spending any money. There are many manufacturers and brands on Spotify that want you to buy their products, but Stations are free.

Millions of people use the music-streaming app to listen to podcasts offline.

Today, the entire UK is speckled like a giant block of chocolate. Not only is there a lack of any shade under certain occassions, but there’s also a distinct lack of depth either way. It’s difficult to draw an accurate line from Scotland to Cornwall and you’re as likely to see self-professed West Country folk in Edinburgh as you are city

If you use a Station, you can also visit the site to move your favorite curated lists over to Pinterest. This website allows you to tie that list with any other list on the platform.

Stations has shut down on May 16, Your stations will stop working and your playlists will disappear, but you can still enjoy Spotify by logging in with your Stations account. Discover playlists made for you, plus millions of songs and podcasts

With Stations, you can pick a song or artist and jump straight to that mode, without ever having to open another app. A really slick UI featureThe available stations included a number of presets and some you could create by picking your favorite artists from a list, and it would attempt to personalize the experience over time. If the station you choose doesn’t contain any artists that match your tastes, it asks if you want to add more artists:

Spotify will turn off Stations on May 16th,

Spotify has a presence in several countries, with some of its pilots being successful. It says the testing process for these projects served as important learning experiences and allowed it to test more precise features related to the appearance, sound and gestures of the app. The station renaming feature will be removed in the coming weeks.

Selecting the Stations feature has improved the experience in Siri, but it’s not quite as reliable as Spotify. Spotify has managed to separate musical style and vibe so users can select what they wish to listen to. Not only is the brand now aligned with music but have cleverly removed the need for fans to switch their audio platform every time they listen which will help the user navigate between their favourites. .So what else is in store for Spotify? In addition to the rebranded playlists and curated recommendations, they will surely continue to expand their offering and add new features, such as playlist suggestions, events and radio stations.To learn more about Spotify go to

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