Stranger Things Day schedule announced by Netflix — and it’s sooner than you might think


It’s time to party at your Upside Down.

Stranger Things is the show that’s been the subject of a lot of attention since the very first time we saw the characters in the first season. Fans have theories about the show and even events that involve costumes of the characters on Halloween, there are live-action experiences across the globe and many more.

There’s also the fact that there’s a real Stranger Things Day. This is a true day, or even a global fan-driven event if you like created by Netflix to highlight everything Stranger Things. Then, Netflix announced the date and time for the year ahead and it’s coming sooner than you thought. Really soon.

This Sunday, November 6, the world will transform upside down. Upside Down as Netflix has announced a full schedule of shows that begin at 12 midnight Pacific Time (which will be 8 am in the UK) to commemorate one of the biggest shows it has to date.

Stranger Things Day

As per the schedule, the account for Stranger Things’ Official account has been posted via Twitter this week. Following the midnight launch and an update on the photo release at 8 am.

Then, at 10 am, the program reads “Prepare to solve puzzles” This could refer to any of a variety of interesting things. It could also mean, well it’s a real puzzle. In the morning, things get into high gear when there is the Roblox watch celebration.

The noon time slot will be a new photo drop. Then, at 1 pm, the program says “Headsets on” It could be related to music.

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In the afternoon, the celebration will feature an extra guest, likely one of the cast members and will take part in the contest that will involve Stranger Things Superfan trivia.

3 pm is known as “Merch Hour” and that means we’ll be getting more strange Things merchandise. It’s time to add the Hellfire Club t-shirt to your collection.

Then, at 4 pm the program cryptically states “Super secret, make sure you are there.” It could mean anything at all however one of the ways to determine would be to show up…, or risk being broken up by Vecna.

Throughout the day, Stranger Things season 4 vol 2 will be streaming in theatres around the globe.

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