Sweden ‘must cut ties’ with Kurdish militia in Syria, says Turkish envoy in Stockholm

Sweden ‘must cut ties’ with Kurdish militia in Syria, says Turkish envoy

The ambassador of Ankara in Stockholm is warning of a growing tensions concerning the Scandinavian nation’s bid to be a part of Nato, the defense union of transatlantic countries. Emre Yunt said in The Financial Times that ending ties to The People’s Protection Units (YPG) was “the most important” of Turkey’s demands in the wake of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s shock announcement in Stockholm. his Nato allies with the announcement that he wouldn’t be permitted be a member of Sweden and Finland because of their backing of certain groups Turkey is deemed terrorists.

Initial doubts over how serious Turkey’s opposition is president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has increased the threat to deny applications from Swedish and Finnish requests for Nato membership by expressing saying that there is no need to send groups for Ankara to convince Erdogan that he is not.

The next day, he made additional requirements to those demands he made on Monday, up to 10 and, later it was claimed that he’s using blackmail.

The press meeting in Stockholm this morning made two major requests: Finland as and Sweden end their alleged support of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) that Turkey believes is an extremist group , and also remove the restrictions they imposed on arms exports that were in place from October, 2019 , following the Turkish military’s invasion of Northern Syria. Erdogan was the one who the previous Wednesday put an end the Nato decision to determine whether or not to grant requests from those two Nordic countries to be part of the alliance. He also and condemned Nato for refusing to grant a Turkish request to release 30 suspects suspected of connections to terrorist organizations. On Thursday, Erdogan targeted Sweden as an “total terrorism centre, a nest of terrorism”.

Turkish envoy in Stockholm

There’s no doubt Erdogan’s intervention will bring Nato to knots over the next few many months. It’s now the duty of the diplomats from the alliance to prove Erdogan’s credibility, and to determine the price that must be paid to make him quit and prevent the full-blown Nato tension.

Turkish envoy in Stockholm

The most recent rumours were were dismissed from Moscow and Moscow in the sense that Vladimir Putin might visit Ankara in the near future is likely to be another sign from Ankara that it’s taking part in a game. However, it’s precisely this double game that has made a lot of other Nato states discontent about Erdogan’s general shrewdness.

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