Tariq Lamptey’s Biography: Age, Height, Achievements, Career, Net-Worth & more

Tariq Lamptey's Biography: Age, Height, Achievements, Career, Net-Worth & more

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to learn about Tariq Lamptey’s present girlfriend or wife or wife, his salary, and his tattoos. Find out where the English player lives in. You can take an inside look at his vehicles!

Tariq Lamptey Biography

Size doesn’t matter, gents. Really, it does not. Check out the player who is a defensive player in the Premier League for Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. within the Premier League. Riq or Riq, as he’s affectionately called, is a fast and balanced player that can be used as a right-back player for his team, but could be utilized to play as a right midfielder.

The player was raised in London, England, to Ghanaian parents, he started playing for Larkspur Rovers before joining Chelsea’s academy. He played for 11 years with Chelsea and made his professional debut with the Fulham team in the year 2019.

They played one of their most ferocious opponents also. Knowing that he wasn’t likely to be given playing time, he relocated from Brighton to Brighton in January of 2020. He has been impressed by The Seagulls to date.

A fast and quick dribbler, he has to improve his defensive play slightly. He’s not quite perfect in his game, but when you’ve made the decision to play an area that requires you to stay conscious, you can’t be found napping. There is never any off-day with such an English national.


BirthdateSeptember 30th, 2000
BirthplaceHillingdon, Greater London, England
Length1.64 m (5 Ft.)
TeamBrighton & Hove AlbionClub Overview

Tariq Lamptey Age

Tariq Lamptey will be celebrating its 22nd birthday on the 30th of September. His birth date was the 30th of September 2000. His birthplace was Hillington within Greater London.

Tariq Lamptey Childhood Story:

For the sake of Biography, he is known as “Riq”. Tariq Kwame Nii-Lante Lamptey was born on the 30th of September, 2000 on the 30th of September in Hillingdon, London.

The footballer of Ghanian family heritage was born at the beginning of the millennium. Tariq’s birth occurred at the end of the decade (2000) when technological disruptions, which earlier believed would occur, in reality, never occurred.

Tariq was born to the Lamptey family and according to studies, is believed to have been Muslim with a family heritage that traced the town up to West Africa- Northern Ghana specifically.

“Tariq” is a name that means “Morning Star” “Tariq” is an Arabic Muslim name that translates to “Morning Star”. The soccer player with Ghanaian roots was born the second male son of his gorgeous parents as shown here.

Tariq Lamptey Parents

Tariq Lamptey was born to Ghanaian parents, Mr. Nii Lantey Lamptey as well as his wife, who resided in England. Ahmed Lamptey was the man who became the proudest dad on the 29th of December 2019, the day the son of his made his debut in the professional game. Sharp-looking Ahmed Lamptey is a football agent who oversees the goals of his son’s professional career.

As of the date of this article, Tariq Lamptey’s dad Ahmed is not yet clear on whether his son should be a representative of Ghana or stay with England. If he decides to go to Ghana then he will receive Ghanaian citizenship via his parents. According to GhanaWeb Lamptey’s father Lamptey enjoys traveling to Ghana.

Tariq Lamptey’s Mother

Great mothers have had great sons and Tariq Lamptey’s mother is no one of them.

The soccer player attributes his achievements to the education his mother provided him. The mother of Lamptey is proud of having fulfilled her motherly duties to her children.

About Tariq Lamptey’s Siblings

Tariq Lamptey, at the moment of writing, is believed to be the breadwinner of the family with his three brothers whose names are not known. Most likely any of the brothers might like to follow his example. Tariq certainly is a great example to his children and is willing to share all his knowledge with them.

Tariq Lamptey Wife

Tariq Lamptey isn’t married in 2022. He hasn’t declared his relationship status public which makes it difficult to determine whether he’s involved in a relationship or not.

Tariq Lamptey children

Tariq Lamptey does not have children as of 2022.

Tariq Lamptey’s clubs and careers

Tariq Lamptey was a player for an amateur club that was based in London at the age of only eight years old. In the year 2019, he made his first appearance at Chelsea Football Club. In January of 2020, Tariq completed a transfer deal from Chelsea to Brighton for three and a half years.

Tariq Lamptey height

Tariq Lamptey is around 1.64 meters tall.

Tariq Lamptey weight

Tariq Lamptey is a heavyweight of 68 kilograms.

Tariq Lamptey Lifestyle

Due to a well-educated education provided by his parents, the financial aspect of Lamptey’s lifestyle is generally in control. In spite of his annual salary and weekly earnings expected to increase in the near future, there is a chance that the young player will not alter his lifestyle.

Tariq is not currently living an extravagant lifestyle that is easily seen by extravagant cars, huge mansions, and the like.

A balanced balance between saving and spending is guaranteed. Even when he travels to Dubai to spend the vacation, Lamptey rarely lets the need to spend take over his life. The picture below, of his attire, is a perfect reflection of his modest lifestyle.

Tariq Lamptey's Biography: Age, Height, Achievements, Career, Net-Worth & more

Tariq Lamptey- Career Buildup and Education:

in 2003 Chelsea FC became the most popular Family-Friendly football club for fans, because of Roman Abramovich who bought and transformed the club in June 2003.

Tariq Lamptey’s parents gave birth to him around that age (he was just three years old at the time). In the rebirth of Chelsea FC, many families offered their support to the club and Tariq Lamptey’s parents were no one of them.

In fact, his family had a great relationship between their home and Stamford bridge.

Tariq Lamptey’s passion for football has further spurred his passion to receive an education in football at the highly regarded Chelsea FC academy. It is evident that his desire to become an academy athlete was more than a mere dream. The excitement of Tariq Lamptey’s family knew no boundaries when they allowed their son to join the renowned London academy.

Tariq Lamptey Biography – Early Career Life

  • The journey to becoming a professional footballer began in 2008, at the time that Tariq (age 8,) had a great time enrolled in the Chelsea FC junior team.
  • It was the dream of every child to be a part of the Chelsea FC academy.
  • When he joined, Lamptey had to make many sacrifices.
  • There were occasions when he was unable to attend birthday celebrations and events where he awaited in the family home.
  • However, on the other hand, was a youngster who always played what he enjoyed playing football.
  • Contrary to most Chelsea FC academy kids who resided with host families (due to the distance from their home) Lamptey’s story was unique since the boy was a truly fortunate boy.
  • In the beginning, Tariq Lamptey’s parents shuffled between taking him to Cobham every day, not to mention providing him with the assistance needed to succeed as a footballer in the early stages.
  • Tariq began his rise through the ranks of the academy following the examples given by Michael Essien who was Tariq’s role model.
  • It wasn’t long before Tariq established himself within the club.

Road to Fame

As one would expect, Tariq moved up the levels of the academy very quickly and he excelled against his competitors, particularly those who were younger than him. As he neared his teens, his hopes of joining the Chelsea senior team grew stronger.

Tariq realized that in order to be successful that to be successful, it was essential for him to possess technical expertise, and then “little luck”. Their technical excellence was evident in his blazing speed, which was his main most sought-after selling factor.

Awards And Achievements

  • The pivotal moment in Tariq Lamptey’s career as a youth came during the 2016/2017 season.
  • This was the year that he won his first prize.
  • The youngster was aiding his team to win their prestigious U18 Premier League trophy alongside famous players like Marc Guehi, Conor Gallagher as well as Reece James.
  • The success continued throughout the 2017/2018 season which saw the young player add additional trophies to his trophy collection.
  • In that season, Lamptey contributed 11 assists from right-back, as Jody Morris’ side secured an unheard-of quadruple (four awards in one season).
  • The only trophy Morris did not win is the 2018-19 UEFA Youth League finals – that he lost against the Arsenal team or Fabio Vieira’s Porto team.

Tariq Lamptey Biography Facts – Rise to Fame:

As was mentioned previously, Lamptey went the extra mile to be recognized, praised, and rewarded by obtaining awards.

In recompense for his achievements, Chelsea FC granted him the chance to get his very first contract as a professional. It was a joyous moment for Tariq Lamptey’s family who was present for the entire occasion.

A smiling Tariq posted a message of joy on Instagram. After securing the deal, Lamptey was shipped to the Chelsea senior youth squad, where he continued to show his talent.

Tariq Lamptey Relationship Life

In the wake of his rise to fame after his senior-team debut, It is likely that some fans wondered if Tariq Lamptey is dating.

It’s a given fact that his adorable baby face, paired with his play style would not place him on every prospective girlfriend’s list.

After hours of surfing the web and analyzing the data, we’ve come to two conclusions. It appears that, at the moment of this writing that Lamptey has made a conscious effort to identify his girlfriend.

In addition, he could be single at the date of writing. There is also a possibility that he has one but refuses to reveal it publicly. There are young players in his position and the likes of Ismaila Sarr who was married when Lemptay was his age. One thing is certain, Tariq Lamptey is definitely not in the same league as the love-boy Phil Foden.

Tariq Lamptey Net Worth

Tariq Lamptey’s net worth is around $2.5 million. His earnings come predominantly from his football experience. As a promising footballer one can expect to make more money as time passes.


In today’s football world, tattoos are quite popular because it is frequently depicting one’s faith or that one loves. Tariq Lamptey, at the moment of writing, has no tattoos. There are no tattoos on his lower and upper body.


Tariq Lamptey’s parents influenced Tariq to follow the Muslim faith. However, there’s an absence of photographic evidence of Tariq adhering to his faith.

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