Telenor Pakistan Expands Digital Convenience via Partnerships

Telenor Pakistan Expands Digital Convenience via Partnerships

Global organizations are rapidly entering an era of rapid digital development, and to prepare for the future, they are forming strategic alliances within business ecosystems.

Telenor Pakistan is among the modern-day companies that are driving the type of digital transformation that puts it on par with global trends to enhance the efficiency of operations and processes.

As part of Telenor’s strategy to ensure the future viability of its business, the network has built an impressive ecosystem of digital partnerships that enable people across Pakistan to connect with what is most important at the time it is most important.

According to the Dell Digital Transformation Index 2020, which is based on a survey of 20 businesses, the primary issue in digital transformation is a “scarcity of technology partners.”

Telenor Pakistan Expands Digital Convenience via Partnerships
Telenor Pakistan Expands Digital Convenience

Five out of every five businesses want to create more efficient business partnerships to help their business partners succeed. Companies that embrace the role of digital leaders, such as Telenor Pakistan, will be able to increase the value of their partners on a variety of levels by leveraging their expertise, resources, and high-quality services.

As the leading digital telco within the country, Telenor Pakistan has recently made four exciting agreements with digital brands to increase the number of services offered and enhance the lives of its customers by providing unprecedented ease of use.

The new partners include:

TapMad TV

A Pakistani video streaming service created specifically for Pakistani viewers at a time when global consumption of mobile-based content is increasing.


Keenu, a well-known name in the payment industry, is simple to use and allows customers to go cashless.

Retailo App

Many retailers across the country use Retailo to meet all their wholesale purchasing requirements. We offer free delivery throughout Pakistan anytime during the day.


Financial management software for all businesses began as simple digital ledgers and has grown to be an essential component of SME management.
Telenor Pakistan is constantly looking for new digital solutions that can improve the lives of hardworking ordinary Pakistanis.

Working with partners who share our values will allow us to transform the customer experience by using new and innovative tools specifically designed for inclusion, and to bring even more convenience to Telenor Pakistan users.

“Our most popular digital assets for consumers are My Telenor App and Apollo, which is a one-stop-shop solution for retailers,” said Umair Mohsin, Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Pakistan.”We are looking into new partnerships that will allow our customers to become acquainted with relevant usage cases.”

Telenor Pakistan’s most recent digital partnerships were created to make the customer experience quick, simple, and stress-free.

Partnerships like these will soon become the norm in conducting business in the age of technological advancement and digitalization, thanks to Pakistan’s vast and creative technology talent pool. What was once just an idea is now the foundation for Pakistan’s transition to a digital economy.

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