Tesla on a ‘Smart Summon'(Tesla Summon) crashes into $3.5 million private jet.


Tesla Using ‘Tesla Summon’ and ‘Smart summon’ crashed into a $3.5 million, private jet.

An unintended incident was captured on Thursday by a Tesla vehicle after its owner reportedly “summoned” it using the automaker’s automatic parking feature (Tesla Summon).

A Reddit user says that on a recent event, someone fake-claimed to have been injured at Felts Field. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know anything else about this

TESLA has done its share of unusual things, but it’s also doing some outstanding things these days. This $3.5 million private jet was gifted by a close Elon Musk relative.

It seems that a monitor captured footage of the Tesla crashing into a Cirrus Jet at Virginia airport and then pushing it across the tarmac.

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Tesla summon

The owner of a Tesla car was using the all-new “Smart Tesla Summon” feature, which helps the car overcome any barriers or obstacles and find its owner’s location. Tesla’s “Smart Summon” technology uses your smartphone to summon your car as long as it is within eyesight, allowing you to keep cruising without a driver

Smart Tesla Summon:

A Reddit user by the name of sporcobot posted a horrifying story on their Instagram account. He says he was a passenger in a Tesla Model X that had crashed into an airplane.

Smart Summon came out in 2019 and Tesla owners immediately showered the company with praise on social media. One owner tweeted about ‘bumper damage’ while another said their Model 3 crashed into the side of one of their cars.

Tesla’s new Smart Summon feature lets owners summon vehicles from further distances, and it can also navigate parking garages with more complex layouts. It has been described by Elon Musk as the “most viral feat” within the company.

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