Texas state school shooting investigation

Texas school shooting investigation

The police made some serious mistakes during the fatal Texas shooter at a school are being examined through the Texas state.

Following the tragedy, it’s been discovered that more than 20 officers were unable to enter the classroom at Robb Elementary School, despite hundreds of 911 calls calling for assistance.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is also looking to discover why the shooting and the reason he wasn’t arrested sooner when it was discovered that the school security officer who responded to a call from an armed person drove right past the suspect.

A minimum of eight messages to the emergency service were made within the room that the shooter entered, but police remain in the hall the officials stated.

It is believed that the school’s police chief Pete Arredondo wrongly concluded that the gunman was in a barricade and there was no active threat to the students.

Texas school shooting investigation

It’s not clear what transpired between the moment Salvador Ramos crashed a pickup near Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, to the time he was shot dead within 90 minutes. Since Tuesday , when the gunman was just 18 and killed 19 students and two teacherslocal and state police officials have offered an incessant stream of contradictory details about the police’s response in the wake of the mass shooting and left grieving families and a raged public and looking for clarification.

The day before, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw gave the most thorough report ever of the massacre on the campus, however many questions remain. The most prominent of these is the reason that the Uvalde police and police from the Uvalde schools’ police and, lateron, an operational unit from the border, were all at the scene, but stayed away from advancing to stop the perpetrator up until the moment it got to late. Here’s an overview of the information law enforcement has done and what they haven’t revealed.

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