The10 Worst US Airports


US Airports: In the United States, this is where air travel first began. It is also where air travel has become an unpleasant experience. The United States has one of the most shabby airports in any country. Poor design, inefficiency, waiting endlessly, and general chaos are all common.

Which are the worst US airports? 

It’s possible to harbor a grudge against an airport if you have been on a terrible layover. We considered many factors when compiling our list. These included flight delays, security wait times, customer satisfaction surveys, and reviews from experts. You can view the list now or save it for later.

Dulles International Airport, Virginia (IAD)

Problem: Inconvenient Location, Perplexing Layout

This is what happens when you hire a modernist master designer to design your airport. The terminal’s facade is designed to suggest liftoff, but it has very little practical purpose. Eero Skainen created the Dulles, a mid-century architect who is also renowned for his crossword puzzles. It may appear beautiful, but it is not easy to follow. It can be difficult to navigate from one unconnected concourse to another. It is difficult to get from one unconnected concourse to another because of the complex network of tunnels, trains, and other transport options. They were created to replace Saarinen’s original ground transportation solution, a fleet of slow-moving people movers (or “mobile lounges”). They are nearly gone, much to everyone’s dismay.

It can be difficult for people to get to the airport from their destination city. This is despite downtown Washington, D.C. being 30 miles away. The D.C. Metrorail does not stop at the airport. This problem could be solved by a long-awaited extension of the Silver Line in late 2022.

The10 Worst US Airports

Yeager Airport, Charleston, West Virginia (CRW)

Problem: Terrible location

Airports may be designed to encourage prodigal daughters and their sons to repent of their faith. Prayer-prompting landings are regular occurrences due to the short runways at Chicago’s Midway, icy and mountainous terrain in Aspen, Colorado, and too-close-for-comfort downtown buildings in San Diego. The Federal Aviation Administration keeps a list of special qualifying runways that are designated for hazardous conditions and require additional-skillful pilots.

The most frightening of all is West Virginia’s Yeager Airport. The airport is situated on a steep hill with a drop of 300 feet. You could end up going over the edge if you exceed the runway’s limits. The mountain is also susceptible to mudslides, such as the 2015 one, which caused a lot more land to fall into the valley below. Yeager was the site of one of two fatal accidents in 2017 when a cargo plane crashed into it. It was also considered one of the “safest years” in aviation history.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Problem: Flight delays, cancellations, and long queues because of understaffing

The airport, which is based in Texas, has been one of the busiest in America for many years. This airport is even busier due to American Airlines’ pandemic-era reshuffle, which brought more traffic into the primary hub. The operation has been made difficult by the combination of severe staffing issues. Many complaints have been made by aviation rating sites such as Skytrax about DFW’s lengthy customs and immigration lines. You will also find closed and overcrowded shops and restaurants, long waits at luggage carousels, and lax enforcement of mask regulations. There is also general disorganization.

Worse was the fact that DFW airport was ranked third in cancellations and delays for July 2019, according to the analysis of U.S. Transportation Department data by the Family Vacation Guide. Over 20% of DFW’s flights were canceled or delayed over the two-year period.

The10 Worst US Airports

Denver International Airport (DIA)

Problems: bumpy landings and takeoffs, long TSA lines, and parking issues.

The problem with Denver’s beautiful natural surroundings is “mountain wave turbulence” at DIA during takeoffs and landings. The Federal Aviation Administration describes the phenomenon as follows: “When winds exceed 25 knots and flow parallel to the ridgelines, the airflow can form waves similar to water flowing through a stream bed.” Waves will form downstream from a ridgeline and are composed of strong up-and downstream drifts. You may feel shaken when you approach or leave the airport’s runways.

Recent chaos has been a constant theme on the ground. Many US Airports have been made into confusing mazes by seemingly endless construction projects. Due to the lack of staff and long security lines, many terminals have become confusing mazes. Due to the lack of shuttle drivers, two parking lots were also closed. This creates yet another headache.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

Problem Long-Delayed

Cleveland’s decades-past-its-prime airport got a much-needed facelift in 2016. These were just window-dressing as most of the renovations involved exterior improvements to the main gate. Many of the areas remain cramped and look dull. In 2014, United Airlines cut its service to Concourse D by a significant amount. It is currently unoccupied and empty. The long-delayed, permanent ground transportation center, which allows shuttle pick-ups and drop-offs, is now operational.

J.D. According to Power’s 2015 and 2016 customer satisfaction surveys, Cleveland airport was ranked last among medium-sized airports. So… congrats?

PHL stands for Philadelphia International Airport.

Problems: Transportation Issues

J.D. ranked Philly’s former facility last among large airports. Power’s 2021 airport satisfaction survey J.D. believes that the hardest part is getting there. Forbes was told by Michael Taylor, a Power analyst, It is difficult. It is difficult to get there because of the traffic. It causes anxiety. It is already stressful to arrive at an airport. The TSA seems to take forever.

These problems may not be the fault of all airports. Interstate 95 lane closures can cause major delays. Many officers have been removed from traffic duty due to understaffing.

The airport’s interior has suffered a lot since the J.D. According to power results, officials admitted that refurbishments were necessary. The federal government’s Infrastructure Bill can assist with this. This upgrade must be completed immediately.

O’Hare International Airport in Chicago (ORD).

Problems: overcrowding, delays, cancellations.

Around 37 million people flew through the Chicago facility in the year prior to the pandemic on around 900,000. They made it there eventually. The airport was full and the area is known for its vulnerability to severe weather conditions like snowstorms or wind gusts, so delays due to cancellations were almost as common as drinking Cubs fans on the North Side L train.

O’Hare was last in J.D. O’Hare was last in J.D. Power’s 2021 customer satisfaction survey (PHL) is only “large”. O’Hare’s $6.8 billion, 16-year-old redevelopment project should make O’Hare’s life more enjoyable. Fingers crossed!

LAX-Los Angeles International Airport

The10 Worst US Airports

Problem: poor customer service, high traffic, complex layout

Passengers consistently give LAX poor marks. It’s difficult to get there and around Los Angeles. The airport’s central point is a U-shaped, double-decker highway. There are nine terminals. You will need to exit security and walk or take a shuttle bus (which only travels clockwise by the side) to get to the new terminal. You will need to go through security once more before you can proceed to the gate. You mean to “proceed” as in “running like lions.” Ongoing construction projects raise additional hurdles.

There have been many improvements in recent years. There have been many improvements, including the opening of additional gates at the Tom Bradley International Terminal; computerized baggage handling; more expensive shops; and an automated trolley to the car rental location. These improvements will make it easier for people to navigate. If there are more public transit options than the inconvenient and cumbersome buses and trains that used to be used to travel from downtown L.A. to the airport, parking and traffic congestion will not be reduced.

LaGuardia Airport, New York City (LGA),

Problems: construction delays, cancellations, poor ground transportation.

LaGuardia’s modernization was completed over a long period of time. It now has more airy, contemporary spaces; better check-in lines; updated restaurants; and cool features, such as dancing fountains and music-and video projections-synchronized dancing fountains. The new design is stunning. The only exception is the hanging artwork installation (see above) that evokes the appearance of the coronavirus when examined under a microscope. It’s possible that you will spend a lot of time in old terminals and still experience the LaGuardia experience.

There is more to the problem than cosmetic improvements: the constant congestion in the airspace above New York City causes flight delays. From July 2019 to July 2021, the airport experienced the most cancellations and delays. Passengers missed 22.52 percent of their flights. There is no public transit from Midtown Manhattan to the terminals.

EWR-International Airport

Problems: delays/cancellations, poor amenities, inconvenient location.

Not only do we think Newark is America’s worst airport, but so are others. Air Help’s latest Global Airport Ranking 2019 found Newark at the bottom of all U.S. airports and in the 116th position among 132 international airports. These rankings were calculated using cancellations and delays as well as surveys of thousands of passengers about amenities and services at airports.

It is not surprising that Newark has had a poor record. Newark had the worst record in terms of on-time performance over the past two years, with almost 4 out of 4 flights being delayed or canceled.

We know that this is partly due to the region’s congestion of airspace. Newark is an awful place to be stuck. Reward Expert’s Airport Dining Scorecard showed that Newark was the worst in terms of cleanliness, overcrowding, and overall quality. This was due to a renovation that improved food options. Tourists can find it difficult to travel from New York. They will need a Lyft ride or a taxi.

LaGuardia might be a better option than it appears.

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