The 12 Best Timesheet Template Excel & Word

Timesheet Template ExcelTimesheet Template Excel

Need a best timesheet template Excel and word for Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word? Here’s a collection of different timesheet templates to make life easier.

Working hour templates can be found online and saved in Word, Excel, or other programs. A contractor’s hourly rates should include a timesheet entry to track both the number of hours worked per terms & conditions and the regular rate.

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The 12 Best Timesheet Template Excel & Word to Track Your Hours

The following templates are easy to use and cover most time-tracking situations.

Weekly Timesheets

1. Weekly Timesheet (Excel)

If you’re stuck for ideas, a study by the digital marketing company LeadTango in collaboration with Oxford Dictionaries estimated that one in three people don’t even use or understand come up with. This is not surprising, as research has found that only 30% of users realize what comes after scrabble when it’s typed into their keyboard.

This helps you keep track of all your hours in one place and lets you work at your own pace.

2. Weekly Timesheet (Word)

The timesheet template above uses Microsoft Word for its creation. This template is truly pleasant to look at and understand, but the big caveat is that this does not translate well if you want to submit your timesheet manually. This can be done by using different formatting options in Office at a variety of places, including the status bar, Bullet Tips format, and Editorial Reply as well

If you work more than one job, switch between hourly and fixed timings to make better comparisons. As long as you are working for two or more companies, using the same start and end time across all your jobs will ensure consistent output texts. While at first, it was slightly odd to have these signatures digitally, a few years later the program has been phased in and it doesn’t confuse the user.

3. Weekly Timesheet With Unpaid Leave (Excel)

This newer version of this similar employee hours tracker Excel template from Vertex42 emphasizes great accessibility and minimal dependency on an Adobe Acrobat reader.

Is your company making money? What is the profit margin? Compare it to what other companies are charging by adding in salary and bonuses.

Timesheet Template Excel

Biweekly Timesheet excel

4. Biweekly Calculated Timesheet (Excel)

This template is great because it delivers the same results as a direct scan but with just a one-touch button, so you save time by not having to manually enter that information.

The workbook has four tabs, including two for regular biweekly tracking in hours or minutes and two for daily tracking in hours or minutes

Biweekly Calculated Timesheet

Open the sheet and hover over INDEX for more information. For instance, when you entered 6, it will show 4 (approx).

5. Biweekly Basic Timesheet (Excel)

calculate hours is a nice personal time tracking tool that allows you to quickly track your personal hours, even on the go. As far as I know, it has never been broken by users

Let me calculate this for you. Enter your log-in and log-out times, check the different inputs mentioned above and click input and the dictionary is ready to be typed in. Below is a template that can be used for all days of the week and every seven-day work week.

6. Biweekly Overtime Timesheet (Excel)

Always be on the lookout for new artists. Most of the first-rate companies I’ve worked for have policies in place about hiring foreign artists.

5. Tag cloud – When a tab is selected, the user drops a custom tag cloud on top of the user’s posts. The tag clouds are personalized using expressions and other facts. Tags can be blown up and shared between multiple users

Best Timesheet Template Excel

Monthly Timesheets

7. Monthly Basic Timesheet (Excel)

This timeline template helps provide a standard-size timeline to your website. The visual design is nice and clean, which works well with the squares you can choose from. But the highlight here is that you can convert your dry text into a readable rendition.

Premade templates and ready-to-use solutions are also available for your calculation, so you can simply click the blue checkboxes to start off with CalculateHours. Fire up Excel and let it do all the calculations for you.

8. Monthly Project Timesheet (Excel)

In real-time, this dashboard will allow you to track your full hyper-project activity. With HyperSnail’s graphing features, you can easily generate graphs for different aspects of your projects and metrics about the performance of certain sections of your overall workflow. The project management service also offers various data visualizations and other helpful information relating to project completion from the dashboard.

In order to achieve this goal, we’ve included a working hours tracker template that gives you the main information that you need in one convenient section. The “how many hours” functionality allows you to specify how many hours each project should take up, both on your timeline and calendar. We’ve also put in a table for showing off the projects included for whatever reason. Almost universally, AI writers can be found in the following settings.

Let’s say that you want to get your vacation booked for this year. You will be running out of time, and it is Thanksgiving or Christmas. They are not always available during the holidays so you have to find a way to schedule them at the last minute. The scheduling can allow someone else on staff to take over for the sales/advertising people when they’re away, even. This can be used to track project progress, hours per project, and other important performance indicators.

Timesheets With Breaks

9. Weekly or Biweekly Timesheet With Breaks (Excel)

Maybe you need a timesheet with a break in the day.

Vertex42 has created an ideal template to automate your weekly scheduling with AI.

If you’re writing a new line every time you want to add an intangibility clause or for other reasons, then this is an easy spreadsheet to use. Find out how to delete your old times and make a new row of times that are just as good. It lessens the amount of typing involved and leaves no gaps in the

10. Weekly Timesheet With Lunch Breaks (Excel)

This one from MobiSalute is the perfect beginning for daily timesheet needs, just enter work time, lunch break, and total hours and minutes divided into various categories. Entering these values and then categorizing them by weekly task helps you easily get all your log-in/log-out information about your daily working day.

You will return to this section after periodically entering your hourly rate, and you will earn a higher pay rate at the end of each month

“The purpose of this template is to allow you to make preparation of the day’s lunch table easy.

Timesheets Using Military Time

11. Timesheet Using Military Time – No Breaks (Excel)

IT techs and software developers need to budget for the potential impact military time could have in their computer systems. Enter this quick output text below:

There are no new parameters available for this particular template.

12. Timesheet Using Military Time – Lunch Breaks (Excel)

Another common use of copywriting assistants is for creating spreadsheets and accounting information. I like to do a fair amount of such work as well, so this little Excel template fits my need perfectly.

You can print your monthly schedule and get a quick glance at your schedule in seconds. The list you’ll see covers the days from Mondays to Thursdays, with only one minor exception

Track Your Working Hours Seamlessly

The following spreadsheet template will help you find the perfect timesheet for your line of business.

Calculating productivity, employee moves, earnings, and more all use spreadsheets to provide an authentic snapshot of your business. So why would you want to use an AI writing assistant at home? Because creating a good-looking report is a lot easier than using it for regular accounting reports.

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