The Government will Spend $19 Million on FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Facilities

The Government will Spend $19 Million on FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Facilities

The athletes will require facilities to match the scale of the event when the FIFA Women’s World Cup begins here the following year.

And that’s going to be fantastic for many clubs around the nation, due to a $19 million makeover funded by tax dollars.

Mangere’s Centre Park is one of those clubs; a proud suburban club in need of some T.L.C., they’re fortunate to be getting a substantial overhaul.

Mohammed Imran, the chairman of Centre Park, exclaims, “Oh, we are simply completely tickled.”

It is one of 30 football facilities nationwide that have benefited from government funding. The grounds, fields, lighting, and gender-neutral areas will all be updated in preparation for the arrival of FIFA’s female stars for one of the largest athletic events in history.

Imran predicts that “this thing will transform” and “it’s simply going to look absolutely fantastic.”

“For our community, it is enormous to have foreign women’s football players grace Mangere!”

Improvements are already being made at Caledonian Ground, one of Dunedin’s venues. Their drainage has been improved, and their lawn has been resown.

Although it seems the same from a distance, it has a much nicer surface when you are standing on it. Dougal McGowan, CEO of Football South, claims that it will drain more effectively.

Because it is a mixed-use building, the whole community will profit from it, which is why it is so beneficial to the city.

Between July 20 and August 20, 2023, when the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held.

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