The Grand Mac: Is it as great as it sounds?

The Grand Mac: Is it as great as it sounds?

McDonald’s Grand Macs are the big brother to the Big Mac. You shouldn’t eat this while driving, it’s too big and you might end up wearing it. However, the question I am trying to answer isn’t whether you’ll end up eating a burger. It’s about whether the Big Mac you bought is worth it.

It’s a big burger with three buns. The special sauce is served with lettuce, onions, and a slice of cheese. The sauce can be described as mayonnaise mixed with Thousand Island dressing. The “real” secret sauce recipe doesn’t contain a thousand islands per se but it’s pretty close.

The Grand Mac is just as big as the Big Mac. Two quarter-pound patties make up the Big Mac. This means that you get 8 oz. You can also cook the meat. Two patties can also be found in the Grand Mac. Each one weighs a third of an ounce or roughly 10 oz. The meat is cooked before being sliced. Although the final weight of the finished product after assembly and cooking is unknown, The sparse amount of veggies and three buns shouldn’t make the final weight more than 2 oz.

The Grand Mac History

The Big Mac has a long, interesting history with McDonald’s. This is what accounts for most of Grand Mac’s history. It was created by Jim Delligatti (franchisee), who owned several restaurants in Pittsburg back in the late ’50s. McDonald’s turned him down several times when he pitched McDonald’s with his burger idea. (Can you imagine the sheer madness they must be feeling now?)

McDonald’s eventually agreed to allow him to sell his burger in his stores in ’67, apparently on his fifth or sixth pitch. The initial release was the Aristocrat (a name that confused and tongue-tied patrons) and then later the Blue-Ribbon Burger. Both names lack in a certain je ne sais quoi, no?

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The names of the burgers were not spelled correctly, regardless of whether you speak Francais. After the renaming, sales of the burger soared and it was made available nationwide in 1968. McDonald’s at the time wasn’t as national as it is now.

Fast-forwarding fifty years later, the Grand Mac was born as the 50th-Anniversary-Editon Big Mac.

Grand Mac Inspiration

In case you were wondering – and I am sure you are – Delligatti received no additional compensation from the corporation, but he did receive a plaque.

McDonald’s is proud to say that Delligatti’s inspiration behind the Big Mac was to increase profits for his franchise. People wanted to pay him for his creation so I’m certain he was able to increase his profits. McDonald’s probably didn’t offer him any extra compensation. After all, he was a part owner so his stores did better and offered him more.

The Grand Mac

Similar thoughts: I don’t doubt that the Grand Mac was created by America’s seemingly insatiable need for bigger since that’s basically all that was made better – while maximizing McDonald’s profits. The Grand Mac was released in the US in 2017. It was a limited edition and launched in Europe and the UK in 2018, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac.

Unfortunately, Delligatti, who was 98 years old, didn’t get to witness his creation being reimagined so massively.


While there aren’t any different Grand Macs, you will find some that have different names in other countries. There may also be some that can be special ordered.

Big Mac: That’s what Europe calls the Grand Mac.

Grand Big Mac: What’s it called in Sweeden?

Denali Mac: It’s only sold in Alaska, but basically it’s the same thing.

Big Melt is Venezuela’s, Big Mac. Instead of a slice of cheese, it comes with cheese sauce.

The Giga Mac: This is a Japanese version of the Big Mac, but it has three times more meat. Oops.

Mega Mac: Four patties with an extra slice of cheese. This doesn’t sound very substantial to me but it is occasionally available in Canada and Japan. It’s a standard item in Turkey and other countries like South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, South Korea, and Thailand.

A Double Big Mac is available for those who are visiting the USA and wish to experience it. It’s almost the exact same thing. Even though this item is only available in limited parts of the US, you might have to order two Big Macs, and then put them together.

You should also note the Big Mac BLT (with bacon and tomato). It was released in Australia in 2017 and in New Zealand in 2018. The Big Mac bacon is exactly what it sounds like, a Big Mac with bacon. It’s also an LTO. You can order it anywhere and at any time.

Grand Mac Review


These burgers can be quite heavy, but they aren’t too big.

They’re really, really flat and wide. The bun-to-burger ratio is therefore more in favor of the bun. It’s true that tall burgers can mean longer cooking times. The problem I had was the fact that they don’t offer any additional toppings for the extra meat. For me, food is a vessel that holds condiments.

In the end, it came down to eating more buns per bite. All that bread is just too much.

This isn’t to say that every part of the burger was bad. It’s just that the proportions were out of control. Yes, you can ask for more, but it’s not my personal opinion that I should modify anything. That seems only fair to me.


Nope. Nope.

It contains 860 calories. 470 calories are from fat. It contains 41 grams of protein, which is approximately 82% of your daily intake. It’s a win-win situation, I suppose. The bun adds 62g of carbs to the total or approximately 21%. The bun is only 8g of carbs.

If you have food allergies, it may contain eggs, wheat, or soy as well as milk. You may encounter other allergens such as fish, tree nuts, and shellfish. If this is an issue, it’s worth talking to the staff.


The Grand Mac is priced at $5.50 depending on where you’re located. The Big Mac (as a guide) is $5. Is it worth the extra 50 cents?

I’m torn. Yes, it is worth spending the extra quarters if you are hungry but you know that one Big Mac will not be enough. It is also worth it if you are curious. What about the average person who just wants a decent hamburger? I would stick with the Big Mac.

Final Verdict

It is a good friend.

Although it was good, it wasn’t great. I preferred it for a bigger, more delicious Big Mac or as a burger. However, I can see the promise it holds. If it were served with more toppings, bacon, and extra sauce, it might have earned a higher rating. It is important to add extra sauce.

Grand Mac Nutrition

Serving Size1 burger
Calories from Fat470
Serving SizeDaily Value: %
Total Fat52g80%
Saturated Fat18.0g90%
Trans Fat2.0g
Carbohydrate Total62g21%
Dietary Fiber5g20%
Vitamin A20%
Vitamin C6%

What did the Grand Mac taste like? Comment below to let us know if the Grand Mac lived up to or disappointed you.

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