The Halloween Celebration: Eggs can be used to make future predictions.

The Halloween

The Halloween Celebration: Find out about the many symbolism foods can provide.

You can have a classic Halloween celebration, throwing candy into the kids’ pumpkin buckets and fretting about that difficult costume that’s culturally relevant but isn’t at all a lot of effort. It’s also possible to spend a quiet evening predicting your future using eggs, tea leaves, and maybe a few other things.

The Halloween

Divination, also known as the art of deciphering symbols through occult methods, was practiced during the Samhain tradition. The pagan Celtic festival later merged with All Saints Day to create modern-day the Halloween. Along with lighting massive bonfires and throwing wild meals, people scoured the future. Instead of using crystal balls or Ouija boards, they used typical foods.


Colette Brown, a clairvoyant and author of How to Read an Egg: The Art of Divination Techniques for the Easily Bored, said, “I believe that there is a pearl of inbuilt wisdom in each of us, including an innate memory, of food being used to divine across the centuries.” The ancient seers didn’t use Tarot cards or other playing cards, they relied on whatever was available.

The Halloween Celebration: Eggs can be used to make future predictions.

According to Brown Brown, the final night of the month is the ideal time to be in touch with the spiritual realm. “Samhain tradition is when the line between our own world and the realm of spirit is at its thinnest. When we perform divination during this time, we may be able to see a few spirits taking part. “

While more intricate divination techniques such as tarot as well as I Ching, take much time and dedication to master food divination relies heavily on symbols that can be personally written down or easily consulted. “Food divination can be a simple way to soak your toe in the water or to dip the egg’s white into the water,” Colette jokes.

“Divination will be as transparent with you just as it is with you. “

In the book How to Read an Egg, Brown mixes her Scottish humor with a traditional method, laying out the different ways to get insight into the mind through objects such as the seeds of apples or chicken bones. She believes that all of us are able to read messages, with some being able to read more than others, but the most effective readings occur following a few minutes of quiet, where the third eye is open.

“Make sure that you’re taking this action with the right motives and do not think of a desired outcome for the question prior to starting. Divination is as honest with you as you’re with it” the expert advises.

It’s crucial to be aware that the symbols you see in food sources may be misinterpreted or not complete. This is where your intuition is a key factor. With time specific symbols become more familiar to you and you will begin to see “the whole picture.”

Start by studying the meanings of symbols from a common source, such as dream symbolism. However, be aware that certain symbols will not necessarily mean to you what the conventional interpretation might mean, “Brown explains. “A spider could be an extremely positive universal symbol.” However, should you be afraid of spiders? “If the fear you have overrules the meaning that is traditional, never put personal symbols above the ones in the literature.”

Keep these suggestions in mind, check out the following for a selection of methods for divining food. The answer to all of your 2023 questions may be right within your kitchen.


The Halloween Celebration: Eggs can be used to make future predictions.

One way to learn romance, also known as divination using eggs, is to interpret the shape of the egg white while it is floating in the water. Fill an enormous glass or clear bowl with enough water to warm the egg white to a slight degree, which will allow its shape to be more obvious.


Concentrate on your topic, and then create a tiny hole inside the egg using the help of a pin or pocket knife to allow the egg’s white to ooze out through the water. Take a look at the images in front of you, and be sure you look both into the bowl, and also from the side for a 3D perspective.


The Halloween Celebration: Eggs can be used to make future predictions.

The tradition of apple bobbing was originally created as a means for little girls to look into their future romances by marking the apples with the names of possible partners before diving into the bucket. According to Brown Apples have for a long time been linked to fertility, youth, as well as love, and temptation.

If you’re experiencing a tough choice between lovers but don’t want to plunge into a puddle of germs, cut an apple into a single strip and then throw the entire peel onto the ground or into a bowl filled with water. Its shape will reveal the initials of your future lover. 

You could also pick two apple seeds that are wet identify them, and apply them to one cheek of your face. One of them is that falling will signify a person who’s not willing to commit. The person who remains in a bind is the better decision.


The Halloween Celebration: Eggs can be used to make future predictions.

Oranges, which are associated with prosperity and money can be used to answer the yes or no question. When you eat an orange, remove the seeds and after which count them. A number that is even will be “No” as well as an irregular amount can be “Yes.”


The Halloween Celebration: Eggs can be used to make future predictions.

When you cook some hazelnuts in an oven when they begin to leap and crackle and sway, it could mean that love and romance are about to begin. Couples who are newly in love could predict the progress of their love by simply naming two hazelnuts and placing them in a pan for roasting. If the nuts are cooked in a calm and peaceful manner, the couple will be at peace. However, when they break up, there’s no way to tell.

Tea Leaves

The Halloween Celebration: Eggs can be used to make future predictions.

Tasseomancy, which is a form of divination made through the use of a teacup, is usually connected with tea leaf readings. However, it is actually used to determine anything that leaves dregs inside the form of a round bowl or cup for example, such as coffee (cartomancy) as well as red wine (oinomancy). Brown prefers a white saucer and cup that is free of patterns. Tea leaves rather than tea bags are preferred since they can create stronger patterns when placed at the bottom of the cup.

Bring water to a boil in a kettle and then cool it down, then transfer it to the large pot. Add a heaped tablespoon of tea for yourself and “one to the kettle.” After the leaves have been stirred and allowed to make tea, pour it into a glass without filtering or adding milk and sugar. 


Concentrate on your topic or concern while sipping the tea. After the majority of the tea is consumed, turn the cup three times clockwise before turning it over on the saucer. Be aware of the shapes created by the leaves stuck to the sides and the bottom of the cup. 

Brown is fond of interpreting the leaves in the center as representing the present moment, the middle as the future, and the bottom as representing the future or a possible result.

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