The Real Story Behind What made Apple is betting big on a Headset with Mixed Reality


In 2016 Apple’s board of directors gathered in one of its offices located in Cupertino, Calif., to get a glimpse of the future of the company.

In the early months of 2018, for instance one of the team members approached Apple’s camera hardware engineering team to implement a feature that would increase the speed at that the headset’s cameras can take photos and project images onto a screen. The group of Rockwell wanted to incorporate it in the headset prototype prior to an important demonstration of Apple’s highest-paid employees also known by the name of T100. The Rockwell group member was informed that the headset was not an option and that his group was required to wait until that the iPhone XS shipped later that year.

The report also states that the team had considered switching the battery of the headset, which would permit users to wear the headset for as long as eight hours each day However, the idea was ultimately scrapped because of the complexity involved. In 2021, this headset came with batteries that could last for “several hours, in line with similar products,” according to the report.

The report covers a variety of other problems and is worth reading for those who are interested in Apple’s headset.

The Real Story Behind What made Apple is betting big on a Headset with Mixed Reality

Vice President Al Gore, then-Disney CEO Bob Iger and other Apple board members walked around from room to rooms, trying out the prototypes of augmented and virtual technology and software. One of the devices made the appearance of a tiny digital rhinoceros on the table. The creature grew to an actual size according to two individuals who were present at the event. In the same demonstration, the barren environment of the room changed into a lush, green forest showing how people could effortlessly switch between AR where they could still see the world surrounding their surroundings and then experience the immersive experience of VR, also that is referred to as mixed reality.

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