The street view google maps app is making its best way to mobile phones

Google is always inventive in the current world. street view google maps app has facilitated humanity greatly in navigation. Its Street View feature has enabled many to see their homes from the past and present. A lot of people can be seen working or doing their everyday chores with blurred faces. Google has announced a new development in the realm of technology.

The most exciting news is that it will be introducing the Google Map’s Street View feature on mobiles right now. Users of iOS users, as well as Android users, will also have the option of Street View images. Users will be able to view the exact image of the location from previous years by using the Google Mobile App.

Google Map’s Street View feature in Mobiles

Today, we are making everything mobile. The Street View image feature was initially only available for desktops, however many people have long wanted it on mobiles because many people do not have access to laptops or computers on their desktops. Mobiles are the preferred device of everyone nowadays. Mobiles are also a convenient method to access apps from any place. A majority of users on mobile have not been awed by the feature, but are likely to experience this feature for the very first time. The first time they experience it will be a joy and a great time-saver.

street view google maps app
street view google maps app is making its way to mobile apps

Steps to get Access to Street View Feature on Mobile

The user can view street view google maps app on mobile phones with just a few easy steps. For iOS as well as Android mobile users need to click on”Street View Image” and then “Street View Image” and after that, select “See more dates” to see older photos of a location, if they are accessible on the internet.

It’s a great pastime activity. Instead of spending your leisure time, why don’t you make the most of it to have fun with Google Map Street View feather?

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