The technology that caught our attention during F1 Miami Grand Prix

F1 Miami Grand PrixF1 Miami Grand Prix

The world’s attention is focused on Miami this weekend, as the international celebrity crowd arrives for the city’s debut Formula One Grand Prix. The European race has attracted American fans in a horde due to”Formula 1: Drive to Survive,” the “Netflix influence of “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” — the popular series which has inspired several of the most thrilling competitions in streaming, and has recently renewed for seasons 5 and 6.

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This in turn has drawn a new breed of tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Dell and Oracle who can utilize the power of their computers to analyse the 100,000 data points that these 20 million machines produce every second. This means that 2022’s FIA Formula One World Championship calendar is not just an event to celebrate speed, but also the victory of science, math and data every weekend between February and November.

Additionally, the technology used in the racing arena — constantly changing due to the ever-changing regulations of the governing body can be incorporated into passenger cars What’s shown today might be on display displayed in showrooms in the near future..

Here’s the most impressive tech we could see in the Miami International Autodrome around Hard Rock Stadium this weekend.

F1 Miami Grand Prix
F1 Miami Grand Prix


McLaren Racing’s Formula 1 team benefits from alliances in partnership with Google as well as Dell this season. Google made its mark on the MCL36 racer driven by Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo with logos for Android and Chrome and whose primary colors are reflected on the wheel covers. These are back on F1 vehicles for the first time in 2009 because of new regulations for this season.

However, the multiyear partnership extends further.

“This collaboration could be able to address complex and large engineering issues, from improving team design and telemetry capabilities using AI and increasing decision-making speed and protecting the team’s communications with Android 5G.” Nicholas Drake, Google’s director of marketing, wrote in an article on the blog.

McLaren team McLaren team also makes use of Android connected smartphones as well as tablets and earbuds to track the performance of the pit along with Dell’s simulation and prototyping software.

“We’re always in a state of rapid prototyping our vehicles to help them faster by making technological changes driven by data, generally each 20 minute period,” Edward Green, chief engineer at the digital division of McLaren Racing, said in an email.

The top five cars around the circuit the gap between the most efficient and slowest vehicles is often a mere 0.15 percent, which makes the power of simulation Dell is a key component of the team’s success.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas

After an unsatisfactory beginning to the 2022 season the dominant Mercedes team has announced updates to its rear and front wings ahead of Miami. Miami.

FIA regulations, which changed the shape of the rear and front wings in 2022. They also introduced beam wings following the absence of nine years, required teams to redesign its aerodynamic system, particularly in the front part of the wing that serves as the initial point of contact that allows air flow to flow over the body. Mercedes is planning to boost efficiency and reduce impact on drag of the W13 race vehicle that is driven by George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.

Russell was the leader of Friday’s second practice session that gave the team and its supporters the hope that Mercedes has got the kinks out. Seven-time world champion Hamilton got a temporary waiver for the duration of the weekend to wear jewellery that he isn’t able to remove easily such as the platinum nose ring which means the team is able to move with full force.

Red Bull

The Red Bull Racing car could have the solution that allows Max Verstappen to fight for the title of world champion: Oracle Cloud software from its title sponsor . It utilizes machine learning to study race-day factors such as the time to make a pit stop to the type of tires to choose.

The program analyzes the data from Friday practices on Saturday and Friday in Hard Rock Stadium to simulate races and determine the most suitable track for Sunday’s race. This is especially crucial at new race tracks like the temporary Hard Rock Stadium 19-turn F1 circuit, where historical data does not exist.

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez claimed that the surface conditions at Miami Gardens were challenging. “There isn’t a lot of grip off the race line on the course,” Perez said after the practice session on Friday, “and it feels very grim out there, too.”

The expertise in computing could assist Red Bull solve a challenge that has been a problem for many teams in the season: an issue dubbed “porpoising” because of the bouncing effect it creates when cars speed up along long straightaways. This is a result of the FIA rules changes for the 2022 season which gives teams more control over underfloor dynamics in order to create downforce.

This solution from Red Bull is made of a metallic strip that provides rigidity and stiffness to the flooring in the RB18 race vehicle. The “ice skate” design is also an ice skate that helps reduce the amount of flexion after the floor has reached the track.

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