The Top Windows 11 Apps (2022)


The Microsoft Store app (also known as Windows 11 Apps or Windows 10 apps), makes it easy to search, download, uninstall, and locate applications. Microsoft Store apps have been tested for technical and security compliance, as well as content and security. You can use them in a sandbox to ensure that they do not cause damage to any other parts. We love desktop app stores. You can also access the App Store on macOS. You can reinstall apps purchased on any computer that you registered to it. Traditional Windows

Android apps. Amazon

AppStore now supports Android Apps purchased from the Microsoft Store. This is incredible news. This applies only to Windows applications. Microsoft recently made it easier than ever to convert Windows applications and PWAs into their store.

Microsoft apps are now available for your computer. We’re now asking the question: Which apps should I download? While researching this story, we discovered that there were many more options than we had thought. The Microsoft Store, like most app stores, is full of junk. We search for gems that can both be used and enjoyed.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Express Version

Adobe’s new lightweight web app makes professional design easier for everyone. Creative Cloud Express allows you to easily create posters, Facebook stories, logos, and other graphics. You can use it for school projects, marketing collateral, and presentations at work. You can access many design elements. Many of these elements are available for free. It allows you to easily share your work with others and collaborate. Sign up for $9.99 per month to gain access to many more templates and stock resources.

Adobe Photoshop Express Windows 11 Apps is also available.

Adobe Photoshop Express offers basic photo editing tools such as exposure, contrast, and color saturation. You can also add color and visual flair to your photos with jazzy filters. The sharing, cropping, and blemish removal tools can be used on both your desktop and mobile device. It’s much easier than Photoshop. These effects are available for free. However, you can unlock many other effects with a $4.99/month subscription.

Music Unlimited on Amazon

Windows 11 Apps

The streaming music platform was created by the shopping and web services giant. Spotify boasts a large catalog and multi-device control capabilities. Windows 11 Apps Amazon Music Unlimited offers better sound quality and has a larger library (75,000,000 tracks). The Windows 11 Apps can also play spatial sound if you have the right equipment. This app can be used to save your sounds for offline use. Standard memberships include standard services. For $7.99 per month, you can purchase 3.2 million tracks at 332kbps or 75,000,000 songs. You can get a free account with playlists and ad-supported stations, but not on-demand listening.


The Mozilla web browser can be downloaded directly from the Windows 11 Apps store. Microsoft Edge for Windows 11 is a great browser. However, we prefer this independent and free alternative. Container tabs are very popular. Container tabs can be used to access multiple accounts simultaneously, without the need to clear cookies or switch browsers. Firefox can still be customized and is quick. Firefox also offers privacy-conscious features. Firefox supports password sync and extensions.


Everybody who is interested in current trends should use Instagram (opens another window). Chat with other users, see their stories, create memes, send direct messages, chat with them, take photos, and send direct messages. The PWA app has everything you need. You can upload photos from your local computer, even though you cannot access the camera on your PC.

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