IS AMONG US Shutting Down in 2022? A Complete Guide.

among usamong us

There are a lot of unanswered questions including what the reason is for Among Us is closing down. Among Us was one of the most played games of the year, even despite the slight drop in its popularity, it’s moved from mobile to Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass. Many are hoping that it will be coming to PlayStation but there’s no official word currently.

Although there are still some plans to play for example, releasing a brand new map, a few people are worried over “Is Among Us closing off?”

As was previously announced the map will be known as the Airship is set to add to Among Us, with a significant number of rooms that have been confirmed. The map was planned to be released in the early 2021, which means it will be available shortly, though no exact launch date is set to date.

In the beginning, when they received a lot of attention during the Pandemic in the early 2000s, they planned to alter the game engine and develop Among Us 2. In order to keep the community united They decided to drop that plan to bring all their ideas for the second game into the first one, so that everyone could stay together and have fun playing with their friends.

among us
among us

The reports of that the Among us shutting down are fake and won’t happen soon, as per InnerSloth’s InnerSloth Development team.

While the announcement of a new map will ease any worries regarding the future of the game, take a look at what the real reason behind the widely-reported CNN tweet about there’s a chance of Among Us shutting down is completely false.

What is the commonality of Among Us?

The game” Among Us” servers is a game of social deceit that is free to download for Android and iOS and available for purchase on the PC. Among Us can be played online by four to 10 players. You can play with strangers or play games with your players from your group.

What is the process behind Among Us work?

The basic idea behind the game is that players play the roles of an impostor or a crew member. To prepare a spaceship for departure, crew members must finish a list of tasks.

Certain tasks, like “Cleaning O2 Filter,” are quite simple to do however, other tasks such as ‘Fix the Weather Node’ need additional steps. When the gameplay progresses the impostor starts to undermine and kill members of the team.

If a body is found the body is discovered, or an emergency gathering is held in order to determine who the person who is posing as the victim might be and the reason why the game has to be stopped. To determine who the person who is in the vessel is the players will have been watching the behavior of the other players playing the game.

During the debate, participants will decide who they believe to be the real person in light of their observations. If a participant receives enough votes and is ejected, they are removed out of The Among Us, and it is revealed if they were a member of the crew and/or an impostor. In order to win the game, players must finish all tasks or identify the fake. They’ll win if the impostor is able to avoid detection and even kill the entire team.

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