Things to do in Corsica for Winter

Things to do in Corsica for Winter

Between the two: Some Best Things to do in Corsica for Winter

You’re looking to go on an enjoyable winter getaway so what are things to do in Corsica for winter? But without a trip to the far-flung exotic locations. and without sacrificing the chance to see stunning landscapes and a unique sea. Corsica is within reach, it’s a breeze to reach it.

1. Ski Vacation

If you mention winter, undoubtedly the first things that pop up are skiing and snow. You are a great fan of this activity. The most ideal locations for skiing across Corsica comprise three

  • Val d’Ese (South Corsica)
  • Renoso Mount (East Corsica)
  • Col de Vergio (near Ajaccio)

The three locations are simple to access. You will find all the things you need to have an enjoyable skiing holiday such as hotels, ski slopes, and bar lifts for skiing. If you do not want to carry your skis on your trip, or are still a beginner at these three locations you can rent equipment, and you will find trained instructors.

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2. Along the South Coast

In the summer months, its beauty is recognized. It is constantly changing, but it remains unparalleled in winter. The southern shoreline of Corsica is awe-inspiring and surreal scenery. Particularly Bonifacio: its imposing citadel and the white cliffs of the Strait of Bonifacio, the clean waters.

Just a few kilometers from Bonifacio is Porto Vecchio. The city is famous for its coastline ( some of the most stunning beaches of Corsica are found here) The city itself is stunning with its marina, the strolls through downtown, the numerous restaurants with views of the ocean and the bay, with its low hills surrounding it and the relaxing, enveloping ambiance.

3. The most Stunning Villages

In terms of an enveloping and relaxing environment: would you like to explore the tiny villages that are located in the mountains, or old places where time appears to have ended? On the beautiful island, there are a variety of areas that exhibit these characteristics. Particularly, the most beautiful villages in Corsica comprise seven villages: Ghisoni, Propriano, Sartene, Castagniccia, Porto, Piana, and Cargese.

Do not be concerned about their placement It won’t be difficult to get them but it’s best to have snow chains inside the vehicle.

4. A Wine and Food Holiday

Each holiday, have you created a sort of “food and wine list” with the most popular dishes to try? Good habit. Because the foods to eat within Corsica are numerous and include the products of the region.

The question is, where is it?

  • For the most common products, The place you should go to is Sartene
  • To taste traditional cuisine, the most recommended destination is Castagniccia which is a natural area located in the northeast of Corsica.
Things to do in Corsica for Winter

5. Both New Year’s Eve and Christmas

December along with New year’s Eve is the 5th suggestion for your winter getaway to Corsica. Ajaccio and Bonifacio in the Christmas season transform into great bonbonnieres with lighting, sweets, and fragrances. On New Year’s Eve, we recommend a trip Ile-Rousse located on the north coast. It is well-known due to its many bars and nightclubs.

Commonly asked Questions regarding Corsica

What are the top things to do and attractions that are to see on Corsica?

The top attractions to visit in Corsica include:
1.Scandola Nature Reserve
2. A Cupulatta
3. Saleccia Beach
4. Capo Rosso
5. Gulf of Porto

What are the top tours to take in Corsica?

The most popular tours to Corsica include:
1.From Ajaccio/Porticcio:Ajaccio & Sanguinaires Gulf Boat Tour
2.From Ajaccio: Sanguinaires Islands Boat Trip With Aperitif
3.from Porto: Calanche de Piana Boat Tour
4.Corsica A Day Cruise towards Scandola, Girolata & Calanques Piana
5. E-Bike Self-Guided Tour Loop Ajaccio Along Turquoise Waters

What are the most enjoyable excursions to take in Corsica with children?

The most enjoyable tours you can take in Corsica for families with kids include:
1. Ota Scandola Nature Reserve and Creeks of Piana Boat Tour
2. From Porto-Vecchio: Lavezzi Archipelago Sightseeing Cruise
3. Porto Creeks of Piana & Capo Rosso Guided Boat Tour
4. Porto Vecchio: Cerbicale and Lavezzi Islands Boat Day Trip

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