This iPad Mini 6 Case offers MagSafe-like Charging Capabilities

This iPad Mini 6 Case offers MagSafe-like Charging Capabilities

Pitaka’s latest case, the MagSafe Pro for iPad Mini, offers MagSafe-style charging. MagEZ Case Pro Pro costs $79 and is designed for the sixth-generation iPad Mini. Or, you can pair it with the $129 MagEZ charging stand. This elevates the tablet while providing a second Qi charge spot for a phone/headphones.

However, this approach comes with some drawbacks. Pitaka’s iPad Mini’s case does NOT make use the magnets on the back. The magnetic pad is the only option to charge the device. It is impossible to transfer any data over a wired network while the case’s on. 

This iPad Mini 6 Case offers MagSafe-like Charging Capabilities

The case itself is made of tough rubber with a carbon-fiber-like weave design. This should provide protection against most drops but it isn’t the most rugged. It doesn’t protect the screen like Apple’s Folio cases. You will need to pair it along with a screen protector.

The iPad case can charge Apple Pencil on the right side. There’s also a little accessory that holds the Pencil in place and grabs it when you throw the iPad into a bag.This MagEZ Charging Stand charges the iPad Mini 6 with a single charge.Pitaka

These downsides aside the MagEZ definitely lives up its name. The MagEZ charges by simply placing the case in front of the base and letting magnets do their job. The iPad will be held in landscape and portrait orientations by the strong magnetic attraction. (The stand can be tilted, but not adjusted for height.

Pitaka recommends a 45W USB C Power Delivery Brick if you want to charge your iPad and phone simultaneously. (The base supports 7.5W charging for iPhones and up to 15W charging for other Qi-compatible devices.

To make this setup work, you will need to be really committed to magnetic charging. Neither the case nor stand are very cheap. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you aren’t concerned about cost. Both accessories should be available beginning today, May 30th.

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