Thyroid Cancer Changes To Your Voice


The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing and many experts believe that we’ve gotten better in diagnosing it due to advances in technologies.

Thyroid is tiny gland with a butterfly shape that is located in the middle of your neck. It’s responsible for releasing hormones which regulate blood flow, heart speed, blood pressure as well as body temperature and weight.

Based on Cancer Research UK data for 2016-2018, thyroid cancer was the 20th most prevalent type of cancer that is found in UK and accounts for one percent of all new cancer cases. The rates of incidence for the same time frame are the highest for those aged between 65 and 69 and higher for women.

The initial stage of cancerous thyroid might not be accompanied by symptoms, but the first indication appearing as swelling and pain within your neck.

Different types of thyroid cancer

According to the medical website WebMD, WebMD, there exist four kinds:

Thyroid cancer that is papillary: The most common type of thyroid cancer that is present in more than 80 percent of Thyroid cancer patients. It typically grows slowly, however, it can spread to lymph nodes of the neck.

Thyroid Cancer Changes To Your Voice

Thyroid cancer follicular: The second most frequent type. It is able to spread into the lymph nodes, and is more likely to invade the blood vessels in your body.

Cancer of the medulla: More rare, being responsible for only 4 percent of all cases. It is more likely to be discovered in the early stages because it creates an hormone known as calcitonin which doctors look for in blood test results.

Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer: Most often, it is the most dangerous, it’s affluent in expanding to other areas in the body. It’s one of the most difficult cancers to treat, yet it’s extremely rare.

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