TikTok can help to clutter free on your screen quickly

TikTok can help you get rid of clutter on your screen quickly

TikTok’s videos are soon going to be clutter free. Users all over the globe are now able to select “Clear Mode” which will remove the UI overlay from TikTok videos.

TikTok displays multiple buttons on the screen right now for comments, likes, and shares as well as the uploader’s username or caption. Clear Mode is a new option that will remove all those buttons with one button. To access it, press and hold on to a video to open the Clear Mode menu.

TikTok can help you get rid of clutter free on your screen quickly

However, you will see the normal UI when you scroll down to the next video. This GIF shows how it looks.

TikTok has confirmed it’s currently testing the feature clutter free but it is not clear how many people have it. However, the feature is available for public testing so it’s safe to assume that eventually it will be made available to everyone.

This feature is currently in beta testing. We can expect some improvements in the final version. One example of this would be the ability to keep Clear Mode on while scrolling to the next video.

Clear Mode having to be activated for every video you view would be annoying. TikTok might change that but no confirmation is available.

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