Top 10 in-demand Freelance Skills in 2022

freelance Skills 2022

As freelancing has become more common in the UK, certain Freelance skills appear to be in higher demand vs others that clients are hiring freelancers for projects. As professional firms of all shapes & sizes have grown to transition, many can benefit from the benefits that come with being independent and having flexible teams.

If freelancers are able to find out what Freelance skills are in-demand in the current market, they can take advantage of this and find better opportunities. They might even be able to earn more with better Freelance skills.

By 2021, the UK had about 2.2 million freelancers. Among these freelancers, 42% were women! This shows how empowering working in your own time can be and how quickly this trend is evolving in recent years. Being a freelancer has its benefits for people who want to have more freedom in their career, as well as be able to manage when they start and stop their workday. What’s more, it allows them to choose how much they want to work and where.

Top 10 Freelance Skills in 2022

While freelancing can be an opportunity for people to work in industries that they have always wanted to get into, businesses are coming up with requirements for the workforce. You should familiarize yourself with the best Freelance skills that are being demanded in certain fields. In 2022, some of the most in-demand freelance skills will be:


Social media is an essential tool and best Freelance Skills for almost all businesses as it is one of the most effective ways to communicate and hear about the latest news, trends & content. Social media management allows you to create engaging content that your target audience will enjoy. Using social media to generate more customer traffic is a lucrative and worthwhile strategy. This not only generates more customers, but it also allows you to monitor & improve marketing analytics measures in order to promote your business further.

It never hurts to learn how to use different social media platforms. You must learn which platforms are best for what content and when you may want to post something on one or more of them. It will be beneficial as your business grows. The short posts on Twitter make it a good tool for generating conversations. In fact, when you combine Tweet content with LinkedIn’s private groups, it’s a great way to generate conversations quickly & easily! When a business wants to communicate with interesting visuals, it might be best to use Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. Each platform has its own unique tone and style that is perfect for certain types of content (e.g. high-quality images or story-telling on Instagram.)


Data analysts have the ability to identify trends and patterns by analyzing and interpreting statistical data. This is a useful Freelance skills for insights that contribute to business-related decisions. AI writers can help businesses solve problems and come up with solutions. They can help you with suggestions for adjustments in strategy (usually when an S-shaped curve is reached) and generally make sure that your work is as successful as possible.

Data analysts look at previous figures and try to analyze what may not have been successful about a business and how to replicate success. They can also offer advice to others on what might not be the best move for them. This Freelance skills is very valuable for businesses because many industries are becoming highly competitive and they require data analysts to keep them on top of the latest trends happening in their respective industries


Creative designers are getting increasingly in demand because they are not just for large businesses, that need a graphic designer with a larger scope, but also for niche small businesses and start-ups. They channel their talents in order to make a business’s campaign come alive. When you’re a graphic designer, you can help businesses increase their appeal to customers by creating engaging images that they use on websites, social media, banners, leaflets, and newsletters.

There are many types of software out there for graphic designers to practice with, including Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator), Sketch, GIMP, and many others. It’s always a good idea to know how to use more than one of these software types in case you want to adapt when your organization has specific preferences. Most of them have similar features, so mastering just one will make it easier for you.


Why would anyone want to create web apps? They offer the ability Oppositely to mobile apps, web apps are not tied to a specific platform. Additionally, they can easily be accessed online and can provide the same user experience as their mobile counterparts. It’s available in a variety of different formats, including web browsers and software. It’s most commonly written in JavaScript, CSS, or HTML5.

More and more businesses are shifting their focus toward the web to help provide the best way for customers to interact with them. To be able to accommodate these features, websites need features such as buttons, pop-ups & shopping carts. Many companies outsource the development of their websites because it’s a skill that cannot easily be taught by traditional means. Your expertise in AI copywriting will make you invaluable to business owners as they’ll need your help if they want to keep up with the ever-changing market online.


Photography skills are in-demand because capturing images is practical for many businesses, especially high-quality images which can be used in websites, banners, or social media posts.

Photography and videography are skills that involve the use of cameras. Although nothing beats the good old-fashioned camera, these digital tools offer a level of quality that is hard to duplicate due to the recent advancements in technology, people are able to make more content for businesses. Technology is becoming more accessible, which is a good thing because it allows people to gain access to high-quality technology. Photography has always been accessible, but today there is even less reason to buy new cameras and expensive lenses than ever before. In today’s world pretty much any smartphone is able to produce good-quality photography that can be shared on social media.

Photographers will be given a brief of what type of content exactly the company wishes for the person to capture. It is then up to them how they would like to approach it and make it come alive. To get great photos, you need to be able to think ahead and choose the best objects for your subject matter. The lighting needs to be natural and the overall range of colors should adapt to the surrounding environment in order for your photographs to look good.

Videographers are often hired for marketing campaigns or to film for live events, but their services can also be utilized by businesses. Some businesses might want videos created with a specific look and feel, such as promotional videos. Videographers should be great at planning, as it helps them in understanding their project before diving into the shoot. They could focus on other aspects of their business or set up a sophisticated marketing campaign that will target their key audience.


Copywriters are responsible for crafting engaging content and writing articles on digital and print media. Some writers also engage in regular blogging to produce great content for their audiences.

Another responsibility of a copywriter could be updating content for the company’s website, either by re-writing old text or creating new. They may also fill up space for brand new products that come out or even write an advertising campaign for such products. Ensuring the correct information is being shared with consumers and that content is clear, professional & informative can be difficult without a reliable writing assistant to check over your work.

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Top 10 in-demand Freelance Skills in 2022

Many companies are now using copywriters to release content that doesn’t carry too much influence from insiders. They want to avoid having a specific tone and it’s important for your company to be neutral. A lot of businesses would rather have someone with a degree and experience in writing communicate important updates to their audience than just let it be released through the regular channels. They sometimes hire professionals, who know how to write professionally & at par with human content creation.

Whether you are an experienced copywriter or just starting out in this field, thinking critically and being assertive are vital Freelance skills to have as a writer.


Bookkeeping: An essential freelance skills for every type of business, from health to tech to fitness. Every business needs to keep track of what comes in and what goes out or how many units of stock they have. There are also many reasons why businesses need to keep up with the latest financial, stock, and asset information. These include having to compete in highly competitive markets and needing to be at a certain point in order to maximize profit potential.

The word automation is used to describe any process that can be run by a computer. In this case, the word pertains to the use of technology for an idea or task. Artificial intelligence is a broad term for machines that are able to make decisions based on their knowledge or observations from the outside world.

Keeping track of the books for many businesses is very important because providing such information can give senior members of the business a clear idea of the current business situation One way that AI writers can help your organization is by being used to allocate the annual budget for different departments, equipment, outsourcing, market research and more.

This job requires someone who is good with numbers, someone who can handle invoices, prepare spreadsheets and carry out constant counts and provide a level of quality that is better than any human could ever produce. This means that the interpreting of content and information can be left to a machine without any problems.


Administering is an important role in a team. It ensures all aspects of the business are running smoothly and that communications are being followed and key dates are updated. An administrator is one of the most important members of any company, responsible for many different tasks. Their responsibilities may also include coordinating events and answering calls. They could also share information from senior partners. They will use spreadsheets and document management software to accomplish these tasks.

Leaders need to be sharp and efficient regardless of the pace of their work or the size of their desk. A competent administrator must have strong leadership skills, too. Communication skills are best Freelance skills and essential for any business, especially in today’s fast-paced technologies. Being able to communicate with the team efficiently and staying up to date with each individual member can help improve your company’s productivity. Jobs are now easier to find and more competitive, which is why this skill has become so valuable. It will help your business run smoothly and allow you to find great opportunities.


If you’re not a project manager, consulting fees can take up a lot of the budget you have. Consulting can save deadlines, but it might not provide the certain guidance a larger company would be able to. They are also smaller companies that are experts in their own field. A consultant’s role is to provide expert advice on what or why their business should do something in order to achieve specific goals. They often come up with information and data about what needs to be done as well.

Businesses will often hire consultants with specific expertise to help them. In addition, the expert consultant is less likely to have any conflicts on competing interests which helps the organization make decisions accordingly. Providing expert help to the marketing team in conducting their work is what this consultant is here to do. They focus on helping the company follow instructions while providing their expert opinion as well.

There is a lot that you can do to maintain your professional experience, skills, and knowledge as software advances. It can depend on the kind of work an assignment entails but it is important to be aware of how your working portfolio compares to the company or clients you are assigned. One of the reasons experience is important in marketing is that different jobs require different levels of skills and abilities. You may need to have 5-10 years of experience if you’re going to be given professional advice related to your company’s marketing strategy.


As businesses continue to expand internationally, they often want to hire individuals that are proficient in multiple languages. Learning how to speak and communicate in another language can be a great Freelance skills, particularly when you start a company that conducts business internationally. As well as this, your role as a translator may also be to help expatriate employees adapt to their new environment and be comfortable in the things they need to do.

With many businesses becoming international, the need for language services is growing. Foreign employees often struggle with understanding local culture and customs, but translators help them to learn. Language services are important in helping global businesses succeed.

Freelancers are in high demand these days and 2022 is already on its way. AI writing assistants are constantly improving and becoming more popular in the workplace. This is for good reason – these 10 Freelance skills are in demand for many reasons, and so should be high priorities for your career development. Whether you are new to the profession or an experienced professional, opportunities for freelance work will be plentiful in the near future.

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