The most efficient mode of transport in Qatar during the FIFA world cup 2022

transport in Qatar

Do you need to know about transport in Qatar?

This year, in November 2022, Qatar is planning to host FIFA World Cup-related packages. This tournament laid the groundwork for the fantastic infrastructure that is in Doha. The world’s fans are ecstatic to be part of this incredible Fifa World Cup in 2022. They are eager to support their teams. A lot of them have already received tickets, and a lot have already reserved their accommodation. When it comes to Fifa events, transport in Qatar and transfers are essential to take into consideration. It is crucial to find the best way to travel to Qatar for this Fifa World Cup.

Qatar administration has been working hard to build infrastructure that will facilitate the smooth transfer of guests to and from hotels and Stadiums, airports to hotels, and back. Let’s look at fans at Fifa the world cup in 2022 will be able to move from one spot in this Fifa World Cup.

Hayya Card

The Hayya Card, during the World Cup in Qatar, acts as an entry card to the country for visitors from abroad regardless of the reason and is the sole means to get into Qatar during the period from 1 November 2022 until 1 January 2023.

The law applies to GCC residents and nationals of the GCC. The Hayya Card can also offer numerous benefits, such as complimentary public transport ticket holders to match days. Participation in matches will be required to have the Hayya card, along with your match ticket.

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Services that are available to you with the Hayya Card will entitle you to:

  • Entry into Qatar (International Fans) can be used as an admission visa
  • Doha Metro
  • Trams
  • Public Buses
  • Tournament Buses
  • Smart travel planning with”Hayya” or the “Hayya App”

Variety of options for transport in Qatar for the Fifa world cup

Metro during Fifa World cup

The accessibility and the range in the range Metro within Doha are very good. Particularly between and to Football stadiums.Though Metro stations can be accessible from the majority of Doha. However, they are not the most convenient option. Qatar administration has constructed incredible parking facilities in metro stations for fans to take a rental automobile during their time at the Fifa world cup. When they board these metros, they will go to the stadiums in a smooth manner.

Additionally, one can look up what routes are available for Stadium Express and shuttle buses which have designated places from which they’ll transfer you to metro stations.

transport in qatar

Taxi Service throughout Fifa world cup

Taxis can also be the quickest and most comfortable method to get around Hotel Stadiums. Taxis are equipped with a specific drop-off location near the stadium entrances. But taxis will be very popular in the course of the Fifa World Cup 2022 and will be costly. One of them should make an agreement with taxi companies today or be prepared to deal with issues in the future. Block your airport transfers from Hammad Airport in Doha, Qatar to the hotel, and return to Doha Airport.

Taxi Transfers to airports in Qatar

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The rental of cars is available during the Fifa world cup

If you are competent enough to drive and are confident enough, it’s the possibility to ensure an easy ride during Fifa the world cup in 2022 Qatar. You must have an international driving license, and they are ready to go :). In Qatar generally, Discover automobiles have the lowest prices and customer service. The user can go to the website to see the most competitive discounts and offers.

The rental cars that are available in Qatar will soon become unavailable in the near future as everybody is looking for the exact. If you are planning to hire a vehicle within Qatar for the Fifa world cup, it is recommended to reserve the car as soon as possible.


The stadium is accessible via metro. Station Sports City is one of the recently opened Gold lines that traverse central Doha. Metro lines that have stations close to Khalifa International Stadium in Ar Rayyan:

  • Use the motorway M3 Ras Bu Abboud – Al Aziziyah to Al Aziziyah station, which is 1.3 km (16 minutes) walking distance from the stadium.

During the event, The metro operates from 06:00 to 03:00 on Saturdays to Thursdays and 9:00-03:00 on Fridays with trains operating each 3 min. There are three trams;

  • Lusail Tram connects to the metro via Legtaifiya Station (Red Line)
  • Education City Tram connects to the metro via Education City, Qatar National Library, and Al Shaqab stations. It is a park & Rides for matches hosted by Education City Stadium
  • The Msheireb Tram links Msheireb Metro Station to landmark spots in Msheireb Downtown Doha


Due to the insufficiency of hotels In Qatar, FIFA has partnered with several airlines, including Qatar Airways, flydubai, Kuwait Airways, Oman Air, and Saudia to provide Match Day Shuttle flight services for those who reside in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

The return flights, which include transportation from and to the venue of your game – will arrive in Doha early in the morning of your tournament, depart at night and allow you to travel in, watch an event, and return the following day.

Fifa World Cup

Most frequently asked questions concerning the transport method for tourists Qatar Fifa world cup 2022

Are there good garages for visitors to Qatar during the course of the Fifa world cup?

Yes, there will be ample parking spaces at stadiums, metro stations, and shuttle hubs. Qatar’s infrastructure was constructed with the intention of hosting the event in mind. There should be no problems regarding parking for supporters.

In all of these locations, these vehicles will be fitted with an accessible Vehicle Access Parking Pass (VAPP). The required documentation for eligibility and the license plate (if available) is required when you make your reservation. The VAPP must be visible at the back of the window, which will ensure that you’re heading to the correct parking space.

Are public transports completely free on day-of-match days in Doha?

In conjunction with the allocation of tickets for the Hayya pass, the majority of the transportation services during matches will be provided for free to supporters.

Can tourist destinations in Doha be visited using public transportation?

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A majority of the locations in Doha are accessible via public transportation on normal days. In the event of World Cup time, Fifa World Cup, be prepared for long lines and busy buses and metros.

Is it legal to rent a car to Doha for the Fifa world cup?

Doha is a very secure country. There is no danger. You can simply adhere to the rules and drive the vehicle. We believe this is the most secure and comfortable method of transport in the Fifa world cup.

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