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Trent’s Quick Fact

Anyone who is a fan of football will be familiar with the English professional footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold. He was born in the Liverpool academy. He is playing in the position of right-back for the club in the top league, Liverpool. Since his childhood the young footballer was a part of the country’s (England) National team in all stages of youth, starting from U-16 until U-19. On the 25th of October, 2016 He was the first player to play a formal senior game for Liverpool.

Who is Trent Alexander-Arnold?

Trent Alexander Famous Soccer Player
Trent Alexander Famous Soccer Player

The famous soccer player Trent Alexander-Arnold was born on the 7th of October, 1998, in West Derby, Liverpool. Trent is of English nationality as well as White ethnicity. The footballer was a student at the primary school of his local community that was located in West Derby, Liverpool known as St. Matthew’s Catholic Primary School. While at his school, Trent was a fan of playing football.

When was six and his primary school received an invitation to participate in a community camp that was run by Liverpool? Trent was lucky enough to get observed by the academy’s then director Ian Barrigan and in the future, he has offered the opportunity to join the academy of Liverpool which was an incredible achievement.

The young soccer star embarked on a workout that takes place twice or even three times per week. He was so good that his captainship was appointed for both the Under 16 and 18 age groups under the guidance of Coach Pepijn Lijnders. 

The hard work and dedication he put into his work at the academy paid off when Steven Gerrard, who is an ex- Liverpool captain, recommended his autobiography to be one who could have an excellent future with Liverpool. Manager Brendan Rodgers selected Trent Alexander-Arnold as a player in the first team squad for the final preseason friendly with Swindon Town during the run-up of the season 2015-2016. On the 25th of October, 2016 He made his debut in a match as a senior player with Liverpool as well on the eighth day of November , 2016 He signed an extended contract with the Premier League club.

How Tall is He?

The English footballer has five feet nine inches, or 1.79m and has a weight of 69 kilograms or 152lbs to match. The specifics of his other body measurements are not publicly available.

What Does TRENT ALEXANDER Do Outside Football?


Apart from playing football, the soccer player is also involved in a Liverpool-based charity named An Hour for Others where He is an ambassador. The An Hour For Others charity is well known. charitable that’s primary goal is to help the less fortunate people in society with the basic necessities like food and toys, as well as other items that will help them cope with their daily burdens. 

They even go so to provide science classes for those in need. According to the records, the footballer at a young age has introduced to the organization through his mother as a teenager. He pledged, along with fellow Liverpool Academy teammate Kris Owens, to support the cause if one of them would be successful footballers in the future. According to Trent, the charity was started by the aunt of his best friend’s best friend, and both, as well as the best of friends, were invited to contribute occasionally.

Football Career and Charity works

Trent for his part considers that giving back to the community is something he’s always desired to do. An Hour for Others has provided him with the opportunity to influence the public at an international scale. He also stated that he’s taken advantage of the chance to educate people to the importance of the organization as well as the good things that happen within the community, as opposed to the negative. He is always at the hospital to cheer on patients. He is also involved in the awareness of breast cancer by wearing pink booties on Breast Cancer Awareness day.

Social Media Profile of this amazing soccer player

The footballer can be found on number kinds of platforms for social media, which comprise Twitter as well as Instagram. A talented footballer, he has an impressive number of followers of his various social media profiles. through Instagram. On his Instagram accounts, he could boast of 318k followers. 63.1k people are currently following his Twitter account.

Trent Alexander-Arnold - Biography, Height, Age, Football Career FIFA 22
Top leage, LIVERPOOL

His Net Worth

The fortune of a professional footballer has been attributed to $2 million by a few sources, but they aren’t so trustworthy. In Liverpool, the soccer superstar earns EUR40k or $47007.12 every week. Trent’s market value as a soccer player is set to be EUR7.20 million, or $8.46 million. He has an endorsement agreement with Armor where he is paid an impressive sum. Trent Alexander-Arnold is the owner of a Chevrolet Camaro 2018 model which is valued at $68,495.


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What nationality is Trent Alexander-Arnold?

The right-back for the Premier League club Liverpool and the England national league is Trent John Alexander-Arnold (born October 7, 1998), an English professional football player. One of the top right-backs in the world of football, he is renowned for his wide range of passing and ability to provide assists.

Who is Trent Alexander’s girlfriend?

Trent Alexander-Arnold, a rising star for Liverpool, is dating Hannah Atkins. After grabbing lunch, they were captured by photographers together. They were seen leaving Hale village’s Cibo Restaurant. Like her boyfriend Trent, Hannah Atkins seems to be in her early 20s.

Is Trent married?

He created the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails in 1988, of which he was the only official member until 2016. He performs as the lead singer, multi-instrumentalist, and primary songwriter of the group.

Where is Trent on holiday?

The expectations placed on Trent Alexander-Arnold over the 2021/22 season led to his early release after appearing just once for England. He is currently in Los Angeles, specifically at the “King of the Hill”

Why is Trent not playing for England?

The hamstring ailment Trent Alexander-Arnold has will prevent him from joining the England team for “weeks.” Additionally, 23-year-old Alexander-Arnold won’t play in Sunday’s FA Cup quarterfinal between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

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