Twitter’s answer to Instagram’s Close Friends is now rolling out widely


Released earlier this month for some users, Twitter Circle will include more users who can test this feature. 

This feature works like Instagram’s best friend, allowing users to select specific followers to view the selected tweets.  

According to Android Police, this feature will be rolled out more widely to more users who may see pop-ups containing tweets to the circle when logging in.

The user must select “Compose Tweet” and tap the “Audience” button at the top. This will bring up the Twitter Circle option. With this feature, users can add or remove followers from their Twitter circle at any time with the click of an edit button. If a follower is added or removed from someone’s circle, the follower will not be notified.

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 When a follower is added to your circle, you’ll see a green alert telling you that you’re part of the close follower you’ve selected.

Sometimes you want to post somewhere, but you don’t want everyone to read it. This is exactly the concept behind Instagram’s close friend feature, which was launched in 2018.

If you want to upload a story, but want a small group of close acquaintances to see it,  you can do that. It’s the same as a normal story, except that it’s marked in green. 

Twitter works on much the same feature, but for tweets called Circle. Well, after the first test, this feature seems to be widespread among users. 

Twitter's answer to Instagram's Close Friends is now rolling out widely

When I log in to  Twitter,  some users will see a pop-up to tweet to the circle, regardless of whether they are logged in from their browser or smartphone. Go to the Create Tweet panel and tap the Audience button at the top (the default is Everyone, but if you’re in the community you can also tweet in the community), and you’ll see a new option, Twitter.

 “Circle” is displayed. “It’s displayed. You can tap the edit button to add or remove users from the circle. Users will be notified if they are added or removed from other users’ circles.” not.

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 This feature allows users to tweet more personal things to their close friends, eliminating the hassle of maintaining a different profile for each follower. The circle isn’t available to everyone, but it may be available soon.

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