Ukrainians surrender at Mariupol steel plant

Ukrainians surrender at Mariupol steel plant

Russia has reported that an additional 694 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered to the remote Azovstal Mariupol steel plant in the past few hours, bringing the total to more than 1000.

The Russian defense ministry stated that 29 soldiers were injured at Mariupol steel plant. It didn’t indicate the area in which the soldiers were taken. However, reports indicated that in the evening of Tuesday, Reuters reported that seven buses were transporting Ukrainian soldiers who had been taken away from the plant to a former prison colony in Olenivka, which is located in the region controlled by Russia in the Donetsk region.

Ukraine hasn’t yet commented on Russia’s latest revision. In his address to the people Tuesday evening the President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, stated that an “evacuation mission” was being executed with the support of “the most powerful mediators in the world”.

High-ranking Ukrainian commandos from the Azovstal steelworks “have not abandoned their fight” an opposition leader of the separatist movement against Russia told the BBC. Russia claims that more than 11,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been exiled from the steelworks.

Ukrainians surrender at Mariupol steel plant

These hundreds of fighters who surrendered were not accompanied by commandos at the top levels, Denis Pushilin, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, is reported to have stated.

The announcements were made in response to the defense ministry of Russia claiming that 959 people surrendered at the steelwork Mariupol steel plant, which is the last pillar of Ukrainian security in the city in the midst of a siege Mariupo Mariupol steel plant.

At the same moment, Volodymr Zelenskythe Ukrainian President, declared that that it had been the “most influential international mediators” in the protection of Ukrainian soldiers that were removed out of steelworks Mariupol steel plant.

Kyiv’s defense ministry said that it was hoping for an “exchange procedure … to try to bring back the Ukrainian heroes when it becomes feasible”. It added that it would require “everything required” to help the people who are living in Soviet-era bunkers. However, it also stated that there are no options for military action.

Two sides in the conflict have made public almost none of the specifics of the agreement that was the basis for being able to surrender troops that were held for months in the vast bunkers and tunnels beneath the steelworks Mariupol steel plant.

The deputy defense minister of Ukraine stated on Tuesday that the soldiers would be traded in exchange for prisoners. However, the majority of Russian officials reiterated Wednesday’s statements made by other hardliners, saying that the soldiers should be examined. Pushilin has demanded the creation the establishment of the “international court” to be set up to find out whether a soldier will suffer “fate”.

The Russian Duma has been scheduled to review the matter on Wednesday, and could adopt an amendment to prohibit prisoner exchanges in the case of Azov militants. This week, the Russian supreme court will also be hearing a request to declare Ukraine’s Azov regiment as a “terrorist group” and provide punishments of between 20 to 20 years of prison for those found guilty of involvement.

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