Sindh University Bans Students From Making TikTok Videos

Sindh University Bans Students From Making TikTok Videos

Sindh University Jamshoro has imposed the students to stop Making TikTok Videos within the premises of the institution following a series of videos considered to be morally wrong by the administration that became viral on the short-video-sharing platform.

In the announcement that was issued by the director of the Student Affairs Department, Dr. Younis Leghari, many illegal TikTok videos made by students at Sindh University have been making rounds on social networks.

Sindh University believes in the development of character in students and contributes to the development of the nation while trying to provide the highest quality education and learning environment for its students, said the university’s president.

Thus, the production of TikTok videos, specifically those that demonstrate illegal behavior, on the property at Sindh University has been completely outlawed from today from now.

If the administration spots any student making TikTok videos or observing any TikTok video posted by students using the social networks, then disciplinary action will be initiated against all students who are involved.

Students are also expected to be vigilant about the activities of their peers and immediately notify administrators if they spot any students making TikTok videos.

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