US Passport Application Fee – How Much Are They?


The US State Department’s standard processing time is longer than usual after submitting US Passport Application Fee. One can expect a normal process to take up to 811 weeks. If you need to get a pass early for travel reasons, consider processing the pass quickly.

One of the most frequently asked questions when applying for a passport is “How much does it cost?”. US Passport Application Fee are subject to change, so please check this page for the latest passport prices.

 The pass fee depends on the speed at which the pass is required and the type of pass required. Speeding up your passport with a third-party hand courier can take 12  to  8 weeks or more.

 Beginning December 27, 2021, the Department of State will raise the price of passport books for all customers by $ 20. The latest price information is shown below.

US Passport Application Fee and Prices

* US Passport Application Fee type standard (1012 weeks) Acceptor fee Total passport fee

new adult pass $130 $35 $165

* Passport renewal $ 130 NA $ 130

* Replacement passport

  (Lost, stolen, damaged) $ 130 $ 35 $ 165

* Passport for children (minors) $ 100 $ 35 $ 135

* Passport (adult) $ 30 $ 35 $ 65

* Passport (children) $ 15 $ 35 $ 50

* Second duplicate passport $130 NA $130

Rapid passport processing is available through the post office for travelers with future travel plans. The period is expected to be 57 weeks. An additional $ 60 is required for a quick government fee. Rush My Passport Expediting Services also currently offers 12 weeks of service.

US Passport Application Fee

2022 US Passport Application Fee Explained

Acceptance Agent Fee:

The reputation agent will confirm the identification of the applicant, witness signatures, and evaluate required documents. This is needed for all candidates that want to use a brand new grownup passport, substitute passport, or toddler passport. The charge is $35 and is paid to the reputation agent facility, normally the put-up workplace or county clerk.

New Passport (for adults age sixteen and older):

For a brand new grownup passport book: $one hundred thirty software charge and a $35 execution charge. The new overall charge is $165.

Passport Cards (for adults age sixteen and older):

The software charge is $30 and the execution charge is $35. The new overall charge is $65.  Again, that is best in case you need a passport card however you`ve in no way had a passport before. If you have already got a passport, use Form DS-eighty two to use for a passport card via way of means of mail and keep away from the execution charge.

Lost, stolen, or broken passport substitute:

The software charge is $130, the execution charge is $35, and the brand new overall charge is $165.00.

US Passport Application Fee for youngsters under

The age of sixteen: The software charge is $100.00 and the execution charge is $35.00, for a total charge of $135.00.

Passport playing cards for youngsters under the age of sixteen:

The software charge is $15 and the execution charge is $35. The overall fee is $50.

US Passport Application Fee for Renewal (via means of mail):

If you’re renewing via means of mail, the charge stays at $130. Passport renewals are best for grownup passports (10-12 months validity), less than five years expired, and undamaged.

Passport Card (via way of means of mail):

The fee stays unchanged at $30 considering no execution charge is necessary.

Expedited Passport Services:

  Traveling earlier than 8-eleven weeks? The widespread processing time for an expedited passport is five to seven weeks through the put-up workplace. If you want your passport even faster, there are extra options. Expedited Passport Services are to be had; however, offering expenses will apply, plus the fee for a single day’s transport to and from the passport workplace. Read below for extra information on how to get your passport fast.

US Passport Application Fee – How Much Are They?

How an awful lot does it fee to get a passport faster?

Government expenses have improved. However, they haven`t improved the speed. Click right here to study our cutting-edge fees and processing times. Our crew of passport professionals is on hand to help you get your passport in time for your upcoming trip.

Rush My Passport partnered with FedEx Office to provide expedited passport offerings at over 2,000 FedEx Office locations throughout the United States. Visit your nearby FedEx Office to take a passport picture graph and fill out and print your office work or get started online.

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