V Rising ranks at the top with more than 500,000 sales

V Rising ranks at the top of in the Vampire Survival Game Genre with more than 500,000 sales

V Rising emerged from its coffin to early access last week and is now part of the ranks of survival games and at the top of Steam top sellers list. The comparisons to Valheim were quick and they’re not completely unfounded. Both are unique early access survival adventures that have numerous twists that were able to launch with great success. However, they approach survival from completely different perspectives.

V Rising ranks at the top of the Vampire Survival Game Genre with more than 500,000 sales

The game of survival for vampires by Stunlock Studios was published last week and has sold over 500 000 copies on Steam within three days. Even though the game is being played in Early Access, and there were a few issues, Stunlock has promised to make improvements and fix the game prior to its 1.0 release.

V Rising’s revenue is only one aspect of the surprise. If you take a look at the stats the game is now among the top games on the platform with regard to simultaneous players, having more than 109,000 players. Elden Ring and Dead by Daylight are currently at the second and third positions in the respective rankings.

If you’re not familiar with V Rising, it’s an open-world survival adventure game in which you’re required to build an empire in the form of a recently awakened vampire. You’ll eat blood to enhance your skills as well as hide from the scorching sun, and fight real-time PvP and PvE battles that take place in an eerie and mystical world in the quest for the title of Dracula.

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