What is the Reason India isn’t Playing FIFA World Cup?

What is the reason India isn't playing FIFA World Cup

India isn’t playing FIFA World Cup?: In 2006, FIFA president Sepp Blatter described India as”a sleeping giant” on the field of soccer. Do you think that this was a good thing for us? Our youngsters might win hearts and draw massive crowds at their matches and receive high praise from football and the media. However, the truth is that Indian football has a long way before it is able to achieve the status of playing in the FIFA World Cup.

Igor Stimactook charge of the Indian team in May 2019, on the basis of a two-year contract that was scheduled to expire in the month of May. In the meantime, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has extended its stay to September 2021.

The reasons why India isn’t playing FIFA World Cup :


The fans support the are following


Promoting game

No proper league system

Why didn’t India participate in the FIFA World Cup in 1950 despite being qualified?

The fans support the follow

The state of every sport aside from cricket is the same in the sense of the support of fans. In many matches of the India national football team as well as a handful of I-league teams, the crowd for these games is not much over 10000 (except for a few games such as the Kolkata derby). It’s a significant difference if you’ve got an enthusiastic crowd who are cheering you on.


Inadequacy of infrastructure and long-term vision are among the main reasons that hinder the growth of the sport in India.

India is lacking in facilities for football. It’s a shame that some of the top clubs in India don’t have the proper training facilities and medical facilities. It’s a major failure of AIFF. It is true that there are less than 10 stadiums that meet international standards, which is significantly smaller when you consider how big India is.

Game promotion

One of the major reasons for India’s low ranking at the bottom of FIFA is the absence of understanding of the game. India is often referred to as a nation that plays cricket.

AIFF has not succeeded in promoting the sport of football. It’s the reason why ISL is more well-known than I-league. While ISL can help promote the game of football, I don’t believe it’s a good option for the development of players. The majority of ISL clubs do not have facilities for training or youth academies, and they don’t practice or play following the “season” (if that’s what they mean by a three-month time period) is done.

No proper league system

The introduction of the National League (now I-League) in the mid-1990s has made these tournaments, like tournaments like the Santosh Trophy for the national championships not fashionable. If this weren’t enough, the launch of the franchise-based Indian Super League (ISL) also shattered the local tournament and club structure. The flow of talent slowed and has now dropped to a minimum, due to the fact that there was no grassroots league in the first place.

The final football league/tournament system must be formulated for the whole country. This should be a bottom-top method, with local leagues and city leagues playing between June and August. The state league could play from the month of September until November, then followed by ISL/ISL from December through May.

Why didn’t India take part in the FIFA World Cup in 1950 despite being qualified?

What is the reason India isn't playing FIFA World Cup

India was able to participate in this World Cup only once, by default, in 1950, after all, its scheduled opponents resigned. However, it was the All India Football Federation (AIFF) the supreme body for football across India did not have the resources to invite the team to participate and missed a chance to make history.

Indian footballers had qualified for the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil but they didn’t take part because it was the All India Football Federation considered the Olympics to be more impressive. Brazil was also willing to pay for their travel expenses, however, the AIFF did not consider it appropriate to take the team across the globe via ship in the name of “disagreements over team selection and insufficient practice time”.

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