WhatsApp Desktop Beta Introduces a new chat Filter

WhatsApp Desktop Beta Introduces a FilterWhatsApp Desktop Beta Introduces a Filter

WhatsApp Desktop Beta introduces a Filter to prevent chats from being read:

WhatsApp is among the most well-known instant messaging applications that are available. Millions of users across the globe rely on the platform to connect with their loved ones, as well as for business purposes.

WhatsApp Desktop Beta Unveil New Unread Chat Filter

The app is gradually becoming more flexible and can meet the needs of a wide range of scenarios. It’s not an app that you make use of with your family and friends. It’s now the primary tool for anyone to connect -regardless of the situation and the length of the relationship.

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Despite the amazing Meta having WhatsApp but it takes time to get new features. This is a surprise given that apps with lower budgets, such as Telegram have updates that are packed with features more often. It’s like the parent company doesn’t pay attention to the IM application’s growth.

WhatsApp Desktop Beta Introduces a Filter
WhatsApp Desktop Beta Introduces a Filter

Just last month, it started support for message reactions. There was no way to remove chats we’ve read before.

The company is currently rolling out the brand new chat filter that is unread for WhatsApp Desktop Beta users on version 2.2221.1. It’s not clear if this is an incremental rollout that is affecting a particular proportion of users, or if it’s an all-inclusive one.

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This new option for filters is displayed just below the search bar. If you click it, WhatsApp hides all of your chats that you have read and removes those you haven’t seen yet. You can also remove the filter and return to the default view once there aren’t any chats that haven’t been read remaining.

This update is an appreciated one for people who receive lots of messages from WhatsApp. With this feature, it is possible to see and highlight the chats that have not been read, and are placed at the lower end of the page.

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However, we would like to see additional variants of this filter that include features that don’t only focus on the reading or unread status of the conversation.

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