WhatsApp is about to allow its users to connect Multiple phones with Same WhatsApp account

After floating multi-devices support in WhatsApp, the chat app is expanding its functionality even to a greater extent. As usual, the forthcoming feature was discovered in the most recent release of the beta version of WhatsApp.

The most recent report by the tech blog focused on WhatsApp allowing users to connect multiple phones with same WhatsApp account. There were unauthorized methods of doing this in the past, with different effectiveness and reliability, but the update coming soon will bring it into the official application. It’s also more well founded than another method that was not officially approved earlier.

Multiple Phones with same whatsapp account

The new option is called “Register Device as Companion,” and it will be put in view when you attempt to access your WhatsApp account from a another phone. According to the instructions on the screen, it is easy to start WhatsApp on the other phone, click on the Settings button at the top right, choose Linked Devices, and scan the QR code on the secondary phone by using your primary device.

Multiple phones with Same WhatsApp account

This allows you to utilize WhatsApp on your secondary phone in the same way as your primary phone its mean you can connect Multiple phones with Same WhatsApp account. It’s not clear if the primary device has to be online to use this, but as this feature is a part of the multi-device upgrade and we are assuming that the secondary phone will operate independently.

WABetaInfosays that the application allows you to link to an Android tablet as a second device in the near future.

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