WhatsApp will soon allow you to quit groups without a word

WhatsApp will soon allow you to quit groups without a word

Within the realm of Whatsapp We often find ourselves in groups we do not would like to be in, but there was no method of leaving them without notifying other members. To address this problem The company has begun to work on the issue to make it less awkward.

After launching a variety of new features such as message reactions and faster transfer of files, leaving groups is the next target for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is focused on its communities by 2022. It is making sure that users have a better way to post content, but also to quit the chat rooms at the point when it is time.

A new report from WABetaInfo shows that shortly when you decide to leave any group that you are part of only the group’s administrators will be aware of the change.

Quitting the Group Silently 

According to sources inside the company, WhatsApp is developing a new feature that lets users leave groups in silence. As per an image of the new feature that you can use to quit an organization, the other members won’t be informed. 

WhatsApp will soon allow you to quit groups without a word

The group admin and you will be the only ones to know. WhatsApp group administrators will be the only people who will know that you’ve left the group. Yes! It can be very helpful for people who don’t like snarky family conversations and political squabbles.

What is the way Things function? 

WhatsApp is a great messaging application used all over the world due to its quick response and user-friendliness. This is also the case with the latest update coming out. If a member of the group leaves, WhatsApp notifies everyone in the group. 

There is a chance that you will upset only one person – – the administrator of the group due to the introduction of the new function, but it’s more than the entire group. It means that nobody is hurt and you’ll be less awkward going out of these groups. As per WhatsApp Beta Information, the feature is being developed and will be made available in the beta version of the app available for Android and iOS shortly.

In addition, WhatsApp is reportedly adding the capability to add rich link previews within Status updates (WhatsApp’s version of the feature ‘Stories’).

Another report from WABetaInfo indicates that the latest Beta versions provide rich previews of links when they are shared as part of the form of a status update.

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