Why is the Vivo X80 the best flagship smartphone in Pakistan right now?

Vivo X80

Vivo recently released the latest X Series smartphone Vivo X80, which has quickly become the talk of the town. The smartphone industry has been raving about Vivo’s camera, among other features.

Here’s a quick rundown of its most popular features, which users should be aware of to make an informed decision:

Vivo’s best strategy and flagship

The real star of the Vivo X80 is the brand new V1+ Chip. With innovation at the heart of Vivo’s business strategy, this chip is a step forward made possible by it’s R&D program. The V1+ Chip includes an integrated AI system that can provide professional-grade visual enhancements and best flagshipVib such as AI Video Enhancement.

With a top camera, Vivo X80 boasts a 50MP Ultra-Sensing Sensor Camera. the 12MP portrait camera as well as a 12MP wide-angle camera that is on the main screen makes professional-quality imaging possible. On the front, there’s a 32 MP front camera, which is a perfect selfie camera for everyone.

The main camera with 50 MP includes the latest ultra-sensing RGBW sensor, which delivers more detailed images and improves camera performance in low and dark lighting conditions.

Furthermore, Vivo’s X series would be incomplete without mentioning its long-standing series collaboration with the world’s leading optical technology giant, ZEISS. With ZEISS comes ZEISS Professional Imaging, which includes several features that can enhance the camera’s capabilities by exceeding users’ expectations.

The first of its kind in the market it’s the ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh creates oval flares using the film standard 2.39:1 aspect ratio. resulting in an effect of cinematic lenses that is widescreen which can be used to capture stunningly artistic and expressive video.

This camera displays a ZEISS T* coating stamp, which informs users that taking photos in dim lighting won’t be an issue. The stamp signifies that Vivo improves the light transmission in dark areas which reduces ghosting and creates crisp, bright images.

It is also equipped with the ZEISS Superb Night Camera that combines with Pure Night View to deliver photos that look natural at night.

In terms of design for smartphones, Vivo has been acing the competition. With the X80 as well, the company has not left a stone unturned in the creation of a device that instantly draws attention.

The futuristic design and timeless color palette make it a stunning device. The phone can be purchased in two classic shades: Urban Blue and Cosmic Black completely capturing the distinctiveness of the night and day sky, respectively.

In addition, it is the Cloud Window 2.0 balances a round camera with a square plate to bring out the beauty of the whole look. Furthermore, the Fluorite AG glass design offers not only an impressive appearance but also provides a great grip and an excellent in-hand experience.

As with its passion for photography and design, Vivo focuses highly on the quality of its products in Vivo X80. The company realizes that along with the X series come higher expectations.

To meet the needs of its customer base, Vivo has equipped the device with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Processor that ensures fast and seamless performance for its users. Moving between apps or playing heavy games with no delay, and a smooth streaming experience is now possible due to the processor.

The device has an enormous battery capacity of 4500mAh which comes with a huge capacity of fast charging. The 80W FlashCharge will ensure that users can continue to utilize their devices with no unneeded interruptions or battery warnings.

Furthermore, Vivo X80 also seeks the interest of players. With a massive Linear Motor X-Axis, it is backed by Vivo X80’s vibration algorithm, which allows for subtle but effective scenes-based vibration. Additionally, Vivo X80 also boasts of the Dual Stereo Speaker balanced with powerful bass to enhance the quality of sound.

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