Women’s worth in our culture and society


Women’s worth in our culture and society: We’re so distracted by this media today. It’s taking our thoughts and focusing them on silly things like inqilab politicians, military law, and other the rest of it. It blinds us. It is difficult to see past them.

Are they real? Can you be sure you are right? Science claims “Every day you’re flooded with 70 000 thought processes.” What do they actually thinking about? Have you ever even an instant thought about society? or the people who live within it? How do girls survive within your own country? Do you think that media tells you all you need to know? Look beyond this media or yourself, please. Consider the future generation. 

Instruct your children on how to look at girls and how to treat them with respect. Spend the day as the girl you are. You’ll be able to feel when you’re in the outdoors and everyone’s eyes are focused on you. What do you do to keep your head low and your eyes closed while walking through the streets?

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Many people believe it’s our fault we’re sexually assaulted. How can we know if it’s our responsibility? We don’t demand that they stare at us. We do not walk around the streets naked. Even women wearing burkha or hijab are sexually assaulted outside. Our sons don’t learn but our daughters are still if there is a problem. Let it occur. 

In our culture mothers teach their daughters to not speak to anyone who looks at them or makes sexual advances. Stay quite. Don’t go outside. You’ll be trapped for the rest of your existence in a cage. Don’t stare at them, but look down. Don’t speak or turn your head when you hear people make ill remarks about your body or your clothes.

What do you expect these women to do other than quench your desire?

I’m not sure what happens to other girls, but I’m not planning to remain forever. If I’m molested or raped, it’s not only for other girls. It’s all my personal experience too. Human beings are human, and I have the right to live my life how I would like to. I will not tolerate anyone making remarks or looking at me as if I’m dressed or prepared to be looked at by me with such a ferocious gaze. 

I don’t want my next generation to suffer similar experiences. We’re told to be quiet, because they may use some sort of acid over us or even burn us. . I’ll defend our rights. I’ll stand up for what’s right if someone’s wrong, and I’ll even blast them in the face when they accuse us of being wrong. It’s 2014. Take action.

What are your thoughts after a girl is sexually assaulted? It is likely that she dies. Why? Because nowadays, men are not humans, they are worse than animals. Every woman doesn’t want to be victimized. It’s not something anyone will ever want to do.  In our culture and society, We don’t stay home and inform our father or brother that a man has touched us or made sexual remarks regarding us. We don’t inform them of this as they may hinder us from leaving the house. They could prevent us from going to colleges or schools. However, they will never take action to stop it. They won’t ever teach their daughters to protect themselves.

our culture

It’s our right to be treated like females. Our right is to be treated the same as boys are. Help spread the word. You do not know if any of your mothers, sisters, or daughters are suffering from this. Don’t hinder them. Stop the wicked.

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