World Environment Day 2023:

World Environment Day 2022:World Environment Day 2022:

Sustainable travel becomes more crucial after the pandemic: World Environment Day 2023: The pandemic has provided an opportunity to learn from life slowly. Over the last couple of years, individuals have started to look at the previously unnoticed aspects of their lives such as health and the environment.

World Environment

They’ve realized that you cannot be successful in the absence of others and that taking care of the environment and ensuring they are healthy and clean is a priority for the health of our environment.

In the past year, the digital travel firm has reported in their Sustainable Travel Research Report that ninety percent of Indian travelers want to be able to travel sustainably over the next 12 months with a 3% increase over the company’s 2021 data.

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Furthermore the fact that 94 percent of travelers agreed they consider sustainable travel essential for their travel plans, and 68 percent mentioned recent news reports on climate change that influenced their decisions.

What is the reason for an increase in recent months in the sustainability of travel and what do experts and travelers think about it? In addition in the process of making conscious and environmentally friendly travel What should be kept in the mind of travelers? In the spirit of World Environment Day today we wanted to know some answers.
Akanksha Redhu who is a Delhi-based content writer and photographer who frequently travels said sustainability is the requirement of the day.

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“Amid the pandemic, those who only traveled to foreign destinations were forced to explore local options. They were able to learn more about their own country as well as the condition it is in. When you travel to certain locations there are piles of garbage.

World Environment Day 2022:
World Environment Day 2022:

When you travel to more beautiful and cleaner places then you leave the world behind and assume that it’s not a problem,” he told this outlet, noting that his mindset has changed over the past two years. Ranjith Singh, who is “obsessed with motorcycles and adventure”, believes that sustainable travel is about finding a balance between responsible travel and environmental protection.

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The motorbike enthusiast and traveler from Kanyakumari are concerned that with more travelers and people moving around more than ever before, there is a “great danger to the environment”.

“Most travelers travel because of two reasons: to become popular on social media, or because their neighbor is also doing the same thing.

I don’t find it good for the environment because they have zero ideas of what they are doing to the planet,” he said, adding that he champions campaigns like #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter by Royal Enfield because they protect the world environment by encouraging the use of steel water bottles, cotton bags, etc.

“Most sustainable practices aren’t complicated nor prohibitive in cost. They just require careful evaluation as well as some experiments, and a care plan. Per her, she has three main areas that hotels could use to their advantage conservation, preservation, and restoration.

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