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Guidelines for Guest Posting | Write For Us + Guest PostGuidelines for Guest Posting | Write For Us + Guest Post

  1. Always ensure that you choose a good title for your post to draw more attention.
  2. Begin your title subject with Best Top, Top, How Where What, etc.
  3. Always use small paragraphs that include the use of bullets.
  4. Include the meta Title and Meta Description. (Meta title length should be around 60 characters)
  5. Five-word Limit in posting content is up to 600 up to 1500 words.
  6. We will allow three do-follow hyperlinks. Please include one of your links and an internal link plus 1 outside URL (DA should be at least 90+)
  7. When you are posting content, make sure to include a couple of keywords within your post, so that your article can easily be ranked.
  8. Always make sure to use the most unique and fresh content in order that your article is easily ranked on Google.
  9. Do not submit multiple contents as it is harmful to each of us.
  10. Create a Featured Image when sharing content. (Image Dimensions are Width: 1920, Height: 180)
  11. Please do not post content for 18+. We don’t promote it.
  12. If your Post is in violation of our guidelines If it is in violation of our Guidelines, we are able to amend or remove Your Post.
  13. Before you share your content, verify the quality of your content using any Plagiarism Checker website.

Articles that we don’t accept

Topics that we have already covered on our blog. Please explore our site before submitting your articles.

Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews: 

If you have any requests regarding sponsored posts or product/app reviews, don’t hesitate to contact us

    We are Accepting Fresh and unique Content in Below Categories

    • Food write for us
    • Lifestyle write for us
    • Tech write for us
    • Social write for us
    • Tech write for us
    • Smartphones write for us
    • Operating systems write for us
    • E-commerce write for us
    • Politics write for us
    • Tech write for us
    • Festivals write for us
    • Sports write for us
    • TV series write for us
    • Automotive write for us
    • Celebrity write for us
    • Technology + “Write for us” + Guest Post
    • Real Estate write for us
    • Social Media write for us
    • Education write for us
    • Health write for us
    • Digital Marketing Write for us
    • Travel write for us
    • Beauty write for us
    • Fitness write for us
    • Cryptocurrency + Write for us 
    • Games write for us
    • Business write for us
    • Finance write for us
    • Tech blogs write for us
    • Internet write for us
    • Home Improvement write for us
    • Lifestyle write for us
    • Artificial Intelligence + Write for us
    • Cooking write for us
    • Fashion write for us
    • Shopping write for us
    • Video Games write for us
    • Sports write for us
    • Technology submit guest post
    • Entertainment write for us

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