Xiaomi Launches New Smart Front Door With Face Unlock Feature

Xiaomi Launches New Smart Front Door With Face Unlock Feature

Intro: Xiaomi Takes A Step Ahead of Competitors with Latest Innovation

Xiaomi has taken a step ahead of other competitors by introducing their latest innovation: the Xiaomi Smart Front Door. This door is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, facial recognition and voice recognition, so it can get smarter from one day to another without any need for software updates.

Some features that make this smart lock stand out include an alarm system, two-way talk and a built-in camera for home protection.

Xiaomi is an innovative company that is constantly looking for new ways to simplify our lives. After the success of their first two smart devices, they are coming up with their latest innovation – the Xiaomi smart front door. It’s not just a door lock but also a video doorbell and a room controller all in one device.

The Xiaomi Smart Front Door unlocks the front door with a fingerprint scanner and uses facial recognition to identify who the person at your doorstep is, letting only those you have invited into your home without opening it. Also, it will allow you to see who is at your doorstep through the built-in camera before you let them in as well as monitor what happens inside your house from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Features of the Smart Front Door:

The Smart Front Door, which was to be one of the first electronically-securable doors in the U.S., has a number of state-of-the-art features that make it smarter than your average door.

Smart keyhole door: One of the best features of the Smart Front Door is its electronic keyhole. The electronic slot requires a security card, which is issued by the company that created this smart door, to open. It can also be programmed to allow family and friends access without having to give them a physical key or code.

The Smart Front Door’s lock also has an auto lock feature, meaning that if you’re running late it will lock automatically as soon as you walk away from it – no need for double checking that you’ve locked everything up on your way out

The Future is Here!

Xiaomi’s Future Inn is a smart hotel that is fully equipped with IoT technologies. It will be in the future inn where all the technology and innovations are showcased, and it will be used as a testing ground for future IoT innovations.

Future inn is also equipped with an intelligent lock that can be opened via facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint scanning. It will be more convenient to access your room without having to bring any keycard or identification card.

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