YouTube TV Gets a Major Update

YouTube TV gets a major updateYouTube TV gets a major update

The app for YouTube TV is expected to become much better very soon. The streaming company is announcing seamless syncing between its YouTube app for phones and TVs, which makes it much simpler to control the app using your television.

YouTube TV Update:

Prior to this, you were able to use casting that was not available to everyone and was slow as well. It wasn’t just that, it did not display any information about the show that was playing on your TV. It was all automatic on your smartphone.

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However, this will be changed from now on because the new feature lets users connect their YouTube application for Android or iOS seamlessly to your TV, without casting.

YouTube TV gets a major update
YouTube TV gets a major update

The sync is complete which means you’ll also receive all the details of the content that is playing on your TV through your smartphone app.

To utilize the feature of YouTube TV and the YouTube app on your mobile must be logged in to an account on the same network. Open your YouTube app on each of your devices and you’ll see a warning window. All you have to do is press Connect to ensure that both applications are in full sync.

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You can use your phone to control YouTube TV through your phone, for example, using the phone’s keyboard to search for videos that are on TV. You can also make comments on a show you’re watching using your smartphone, and more.

It’s unclear if it is a server-side upgrade or the need to upgrade your YouTube applications to support it however, in any event, it will be rolling out across the world soon. 

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